Wednesday, December 31, 2008

100th Post & the End of 2008

How cool is that? My 100th post is on New Year's Eve!

Honestly I don't know what sort of health goals I should set for myself. I set several big goals for the upcoming year on The American Homemaker but as for specific weight/eating/working out goals, I'm not really sure. But here it goes:

*I want to be a size 8/10 by June. I'm a 12 now and was a 10 this time last year.

*I want to work out at least three times a week.

*I want to get to bed by 11pm on most nights.

*I want to include more fresh veggies in my diet.

The bedtime thing will be the hardest for me. The other things I pretty much do already. I've tried the 11pm bedtime goal before and I can't ever keep it up, but I'm soooo tired!!!!

Happy New Year's to you all!!!! Let's all be healthier and thinner in 2009!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dream Analysis

Shiloah gave me a tip to check out what the dream means. The really interesting thing is yesterday I was sad. I don't know why, I was just extremely sad. I didn't want to go home after work yesterday and just wandered around stores to avoid it. I don't know what set it off, but being so sad yesterday, it would only make sense that my sleep wouldn't be restful. But anyways, according to The Curious Dreamer here
are a few highlights of what my dream could mean.

Trying to avoid an undesirable situation or person can represent avoiding, or wanting to avoid, something in real life. For example, avoiding a friend in a dream may mean you are afraid they will ask you for something you don't want to give, or other unwanted situation. For more clues, consider the meaning of whatever you are avoiding.

Avoiding someone with ill intent towards you could mean you're feeling manipulated, taken advantage of, or threatened (physically, mentally, emotionally) in real life—or you're afraid of it happening.

Escaping or running away from an undesirable situation can represent the feeling of escaping, or a need to escape, from something in real life. For example, escaping from a jail when you have been falsely accused could mean you're feeling falsely accused in real life.

Dreaming that you're hiding can mean you feel the need for self-protection.

Escaping from someone with ill intent towards you could mean you're feeling manipulated, taken advantage of, or threatened (physically, mentally, emotionally) in real life—or you're afraid of it happening.


* Someone or something that you feel wants to take advantage of you or take something from you, such as your time, energy, effort, attention, personal space, or integrity—consider who or what is trying to take from you without giving back
* Greedy or self-serving
* Controlling or possessing

A cell phone or other personal communication device can represent communication—especially personal communication, since it is usually owned and used by only one person.

Calling someone can represent an actual recent interaction with that person or a desire to communicate with that person.

Calling for help (for example, 911) can represent a desire for support, or a feeling of victimization, and it can sometimes represent a call for spiritual help.

A familiar character from a book, movie, TV show, play, etc. might represent the characteristics you attribute to that person. For example, if you dream about Harry Potter, whom you consider courageous, he might represent courage. This could mean you are admiring courage or wishing you had more of it, or you've experienced in somehow in your life recently, etc. A famous character can also represent fame or celebrity, or the actor themselves, or you may be dreaming about them because something reminded you of them lately.

For clues about what the person represents, consider what they mean or signify to you in real life. Also consider their characteristics or qualities that stand out in the dream, what they're doing and how, and your emotional reaction to their presence.

being rescued

* Feeling that you need help or need to be rescued—physically, mentally or emotionally
* Receiving good will or support from others—perhaps because this has happened recently, or you wish it would
* The idea of letting others rescue you or clean up your messes too often
* The idea that you could benefit by being more open to help from others

Consider who is rescuing whom, and the possible parallels with your feelings about your real life right now.

I thought this was very interesting... I can see some of it being very true. Just thought I'd share :)

Crazy Dreams

I'm completely exhausted today. I got about eight hours of sleep last night and I don't feel like I've slept at all. I had dreams all night that seemed to be right out of an episode of Supernatural. There were vampires, creatures, undead, etc. I spent the whole night running and hiding in an old house, hoping they wouldn't find me. In my dream I even had my cell phone with me and I thought about calling Dean from Supernatural... LOL. But then I talked myself out of it, telling myself he isn't real. He's just on a tv show. (Um... like the vampires and such are real... LOL) I woke up two minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off. At least I didn't wake up in the night when I would've been all alone in the dark and scared, but still... after running from vampires all night I have dark circles under my eyes, a huge headache and a desperate need for a nap.

Monday, December 29, 2008

After Christmas Stats

Considering the fact I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted over the last couple of weeks, my stats aren't too bad. My biggest downfall was chocolate. I ate A LOT of it.

Here are the stats now and the gainage over the last two weeks:

weight: 166 (+ 1)
waist: 36 (+ 1/2)
hips: 43 (same)
r thigh: 25 (+ 1/4)
l thigh: 24 1/2 (same)
r arm: 14 (same)
l arm: 14 1/2 (+ 1/4)

We're having an all appetizers party at my mom's house on New Year's Eve, so I'll have another few days before I can get back to my healthier way of eating.

I'm trying to decided what my New Year's resolutions will be. I usually don't set them because I think it's a lame way to set goals and no-one keeps them. But this year I really wanna try. (ha ha)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Poor skin

Last night I was wondering why in the heck my face has been so broken out. I usually have really clear skin and maybe have one zit at a time. This week I have like six. I was looking in the mirror frowning because all my holiday pics look crappy and my hubby made the comment "it's probably all the crap you've been eating". LOL I'm sure he's right. My poor skin isn't used to eating so much junk. I have skin I really have to baby. I wash it morning and night. I'm super careful about what I put on it. I don't like people touching my face because it'll break out and now I've got it all freaked out because of my bad diet. Well poor little face, we'll be back on track soon :)

Monday, December 22, 2008


I haven't fallen off the face of the earth :)

I'm just not working out or eating right this week. I decided why even try, so I've been gobbling down on brownies, cake, cookies, whatever and I'm loving it! I won't be loving it next week when I weigh/measure in but right now ignorance is bliss!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Blahs

Well... not much to report. I haven't been eating that great and I haven't been working out this week. I'm NOT pregnant (thank goodness) but I'm not feeling 100% better either. I'm just kinda blah. I'm happy that Christmas is coming, but feeling a little overwhelmed too. I'm sure every one of you can relate.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday, Monday

I exercised four times this week and they were longer more intense work-outs (which could be part of the problem since my body has always seemed to do better with moderate work-outs), I've been sick and not eating as much but my stats still weren't that great. My pants are feeling tighter, so I think my tummy is swollen. I'm still feeling off and on yucky. If I'm pregnant, I'll die, so let's all hope I don't have to die :) It's a bit too soon to tell but I'm really hoping it's just some random tummy virus.

weight: 165
waist: 35 1/2
hips: 43
r thigh: 24 3/4
l thigh: 24 1/2
r arm: 14
l arm: 14 1/4

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Thanks for all the well-wishes! I'm feeling a bit better, but not totally back to normal.

Breakfast- small bowl of oatmeal w/brown sugar, pumpkin pie spice and skim milk
Lunch- 2 rolls
Dinner- low fat Campbells soup (It was yucky, I should've got Progresso) 2 rolls & a fat-free pudding cup

I've had only a couple of glasses of water though :( Just doesn't sound good.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Today I ate:

2 pieces of whole wheat toast
2 scrambled eggs
pb & j on whole wheat
granola bar

I don't feel well at all. I think I'm coming down with some sort of tummy sickness. I had to force myself to eat anything today and I only managed to get down 32 oz of liquids. My tummy gets all gurgly when I eat or drink anything and I have tummy pains. It almost feels like I'm really nervous about something, but I don't know what I would be nervous about. I took food to work today, but just gave it away. I hope I feel better in the morning. I work a really long day/night tomorrow. I'm house managing for the Nutcracker matinee and evening performances :(

My Sides are Sore Today

That's all. Just had to whine.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


As I said, I'm totally tracking today since I don't wanna fall too far off the wagon. So here are my lunch stats:

2 small tortillas, fresh spinach, cheese and a south-west dressing, topped with a bit of low fat sour cream... it all made a really yummy quesadilla. I also had a baby cucumber and dessert, which was a banana, fat free vanilla pudding and fat free cool whip, all served in a pretty glass dessert dish :)

I did my work-out. I'm happy I got it out of the way today. My tummy is totally bloated from stress though. I couldn't even come close to zipping up the pants I wanted to wear today, and I wear them all the time :(


I am a big-time stress eater. I always have been. Today is a very stressful day for me today. There are issues happening at my children's school where I am the FEC vice president. The FEC is equivalent to the PTA at a public school. I started out my day with an email that really made me frustrated and mad and now I have to go to a school board meeting today, where I will probably break down and cry because I always cry when I'm mad.

I'm going to be really tracking what I eat today, because I really just wanna curl up in my bed all day and eat chocolate. It's a good thing it's my day off, because I don't feel like working :(

Breakfast: 2 pieces of whole wheat toast, 2 eggs, banana

Work-out: I'm going to do 40 minutes right now while I watch Supernatural (Oh Dean! Why can't you come save me and whisk me away in your '67 Impala? LOL)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This morning I had a cup of herbal tea, two pieces of whole wheat toast w/nutella :) and water. For lunch I had a baby cucumber, a baggie of baby carrots, water and a couple of pieces of french bread. I had a granola bar for a snack. For dinner tonight I went to a Relief Society dinner at my church. I had shredded meat (I think it was pork), two rolls, potatoes, green bean casserole and a small piece of chocolate cake. It was really yummy.

And I have to mention this bread I've been buying at Costco. It is so good. It's made here in Utah and it is the best store bought bread I've ever had. It tastes just like homemade. The only ingredients are: 100% stoneground whole wheat flour, water, honey, salt and yeast. And the best part... it's only $5 for 2 2lb loaves. You just don't pay $2.50 for a 2lb loaf of awesome bread these days! It's absolutely fantastic! How lame am I? I'm getting excited about bread...LOL

I did 40 minutes tonight!!! I'm trying to work out all seven days this week :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We had our box office Christmas party today at work, so I was worried I'd eat a ton of junk, but I didn't do too bad so far today . I made sure to bring a spinach salad along with my brownies so I'd have at least one healthy item at lunch. I even sent the leftover brownies home with a friend so I wouldn't be tempted later. I did save one for each of my kids though :)

two eggs, two pieces whole wheat toast

lots and lots of spinach salad, one small Nutella brownie, two pieces of zucchini bread

45 minutes of abs, arms and cardio while I watched Supernatural (I got season 3 for only $15 on Black Friday)

Who knows... LOL something with turkey burger since that's what I thawed out; I'm off to make dinner right now :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday's Work-Out

60 minutes... mostly abs and arms with a bit of legs and cardio :)

Monday's Measurements

Here are my weekly measurements. The red is the loss from last week. I think I was just randomly fat last week. These are pretty much the same stats from two weeks ago. Weird.

weight: 165
waist: 35 (-1)
hips: 42 1/2 (-1/4)
r thigh: 25 (same)
l thigh: 24 3/4 (same)
r arm: 14 (-1/4)
l arm: 14 1/4 (-1/4)

I need to kick it into a higher gear with my work-outs. I've been so exhausted lately that I haven't been getting the exercise I need, plus it's been so hard to avoid goodies. Tis the season...


I was gonna grab my paper with my measurements on it as I ran out the door so I could post them at work, but I spaced it (along with three other things I was gonna bring to work). I am really excited though... my waist is back down to 35"!!! I must've been all bloated with pie and sweet potatoes last week... LOL

I brought baby cucumbers and carrots to work again to eat at lunch-time so I don't go home starving. It's totally making a difference. I love buying the huge things of veggies at Costco. I hate wasting food which means I eat lots so I don't have to throw them away. Thursday I bought a big thing of baby cucumbers, a 5 lb bag of baby carrots, bananas and a big ol' thing of baby spinach... gotta love the babies :) so my fridge is stocked.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

End of the Week Review

Well... I worked out three times this week, (four if I get off my butt tonight) even if it was a short work-out. I did so-so on my eating. Today I had a baked potato with light sour cream and cheddar cheese and a spinach salad with raspberries and cashews. I also had a banana, a baby cucumber and a bit of a Cheerios snack mix. (I fasted until 4pm, which is why there's not a breakfast in there too.) I did have some hot cocoa made with skim milk and I'm planning on making me some herbal tea in a minute too. (My furnace went out yesterday and it's freezing!)

Hopefully I haven't gained again this week. I'm nervous now for my weekly measurements tomorrow morning :(

* Update * I did a 30 minute work-out tonight followed by two minutes of serious stretching. And no tea... I decided I didn't want to drink too much late at night seeing as how the toilet seat is EXTREMELY cold in the night when you don't have a working furnace... I learned that lesson at 4 am this morning ...LOL

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Girls Night Our Pic.... Finally

I FINALLY got this pic from my friend. This was us stuffing our faces on cheese fries at the Training Table before we saw Twilight on opening night, which was a couple of weeks ago.

I've done pretty well today... I even packed a baggie of baby carrots and a baby cucumber to munch on at work and I PROMISE I'm working out tonight!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Man, My Abs Are Sore!

I did 15 minutes on my upper body and 25 minutes on my abs tonight and I'm totally feelin' it.

Besides the pain, I'm feeling muscles as I'm flexin' my tummy during my workout! There's a tight little tummy in there somewhere hiding behind the flub :)


What do the rest of you say to a man in the Walmart parking lot when he asks you, "You like tamales?"

I know what I say. "How much?"

Mmmmm and they were so tasty.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Ya know how you're standing in line at the store and you're reading the magazine headlines and you think, man it's so crazy how they have the story on "You can lose 20 lbs in a week" right next to the story called "Top 10 Chocolate Cake Recipes"?

I was thinking today, I'm just like those magazines. I have my weight loss struggles blog and my American Homemaker blog. No wonder I'm fat...LOL. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook and bake (and eat).

Anyways.... just a random thought.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sad Sad Day

I fell off the wagon over the holiday :(

It's so crazy that one week of eating crappy and not exercising and I GAIN!!! Not that I stay the same! I GAIN! Makes me wanna cry.

weight: 165
waist: 36
hips: 42 3/4
r thigh: 25
l thigh: 24 3/4
r arm: 14 1/4
l arm: 14 1/2

I now have 2 inches to lose on my waist before Christmas and an inch everywhere else. Excuse me now while I go jump on the wagon :(

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Ben, Skye, me :), Hubby

We double-dated last night and had a lot of fun, we watched a show at the Desert Star Theater and ate way too much yummy food. And Thanksgiving dinner was soooooo good. Yum yum. I had four pieces of pie :) And it made me happy.... lol

Since three of the four people in this picture are tracking their weight loss on this blog I thought I'd share what we all look like. The boxes contain the remains of our two streusels we ordered last night... Wow... they were like 12 inch dessert pizzas. I sent the leftovers home with my friends because I sure didn't want them at my house, especially since there would soon be pie. Skye ate streusel for breakfast today, but Ben was a good boy and just had cereal. Yah!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Vintage Weight Loss Tips

In this 1963 ad, we can all learn how to keep trim without dieting :) It's as simple as avoiding the 10 most fattening foods: bacon, sausage, butter, cream, ice cream, olives, peanuts, salad dressing, chocolate and pastry. And we should eat as much as we like of fish, lean meat and vegetables. And of course, Melba Toast! I don't know about you, but that sounds like a diet to me.

Now this on the other hand sounds like the way to go for me :) Let's have ice cream or other sugar-filled items before lunch so we don't overeat... What a plan!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Weight Loss Thanks

You know, I'm really grateful for the fact that through blogging we can find support as we all try to get fitter and healthier. We all have different goals... one person's goal weight might be another person's starting weight. We all have different methods of diet, exercise and splurging. We have different reasons for losing weight. And yet we can be a support to each other and help each other with something that is extremely tough. Thank you to all my weight loss friends.. those of you who comment and those of you that just stalk... With each others help we can meet our goals!

And yes... I know I'm cheesy :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday's Measurements

I totally met my waist goal!!! I didn't think I would. Ya know, I was talking about how I lost so much weight when I was single... I was eating out like 3 times a week then and this week I ate out twice... maybe I just need to eat out more... LOL I'm so excited and I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control and I think I like it! Like it! he he he

The next goal is another inch on my waist by Christmas.

weight: 164 (-1)
waist: 35 (-1/2)
hips: 42 1/2 (-1/4)
r thigh: 24 3/4 (same)
l thigh: 24 1/2 (same)
r arm: 14 (same)
l arm: 14 1/2 (same)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

This Time Around

Last year I had total will power. I was awesome at saying no to unhealthy foods. I was working out all the time (same type of moderate work-outs). I was droppin' inches like crazy and I was feelin' like hot stuff. I mean seriously, I went from a 16 to a 10 in about 5 months! I was struttin' my stuff. Then around the first of the year I started to slack and I started to gain.

I think the reason I was so awesome last year is I was single. I mean Hello! if you're dating like crazy you don't wanna be fat. Then I got married, got the birth control shot and got fat again. I know the shot had a lot to do with it; birth control has always made me gain weight, but a lot of it was just my own attitude and will power. So I need to find my new motivation. I am no longer on the market, so being a nice lean cut of meat isn't it :) But I do have a great husband and he didn't marry a fatty. So I'm sick of doing this for me. LOL I'm happy stuffing my face and blogging instead of exercising. I'm doing it so I can look hot for him. So I can strut around and have confidence and fit back in that school girl costume I wore when we were first married. (Too much information, I know...LOL)

So... I know I'm gonna blow it this week. Sheesh it's Thanksgiving (although last year I didn't even eat pie). But I will work out at least four times this week and for the most part behave. Next week it's on! Bye-bye fatty!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Confession Time

Yesterday we had Fabulous Food Friday at work. We each bring something to share. The theme was dips & dippers.

I ate for lunch Velveeta/bean dip w/ tortilla chips, spinach dip (which I made low-fat) on french bread and onion dip w/ like four potato chips.

I had a girls night out last night. We went to the Training Table. I ate a guacamole bacon swiss burger and a bunch of cheese fries.

I only had water to drink all day though and I had no desserts, but still sheesh! It was a high fat unhealthy food fest yesterday. I probably put on like three inches :(

My friend took a pic of us at the restaurant. I'll post it when I get a copy.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Long Week

This week has been extremely long already and it's only Wednesday. Work has been busy and I've been busy at home too. I've been eating pretty well, but I didn't work out yesterday or today. I worked from 9 am to 10 pm today and the food was all catered. I tried to make healthier choices and I totally avoided the sweets and pop but it was still like eating at a restaurant for all three meals. I was on my feet almost all day though, so I'm sure that burned off a few calories. Well... it's 11:30 PM and I still have to tidy up my house before bed, so I'm off :(

Monday, November 17, 2008

Taco Salad- The Healthy Way

I love salads, as long as they aren't made with iceberg lettuce. I won't eat it. It makes me sick. Anyways... this is what my yummy lunch looked like today.

Taco Salad

romaine lettuce
fat free vegetarian chili, warmed up
shredded cheese
low fat sour cream (I don't like fat free)

Layer it up and enjoy! Simple and delicious. I had a banana for dessert.

I did a 50 minute work-out this afternoon and 30 minutes tonight!

Breakfast: whole wheat toast w/pb & j
Snack: granola bar
Lunch: yummy salad & banana
Dinner: chicken tacos w/lettuce
Dessert: banana
Drink: lots and lots of water

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

With less than 5% of people who lose weight keeping it off, I'm trying to do this the right way.... the life style change way, not the diet way. Massive crazy workouts for an hour every day, avoiding all _______ (fill in the blank w/carbs, sugar, fats, whatever) and weighing myself every day is not going to be a life style change for me. That's not something I can keep up. Years ago I used to try. I'd kill myself counting calories eaten & lost and dripping with sweat after work-outs. I'd avoid all unhealthiness, but after 7 or 8 months I'd crash and burn. I couldn't keep it up.

I don't have the best eating habits out there, but they're definitely not the worst either. By eating mostly healthy and working out 30 minutes a day in my home while I watch tv, I'm losing little bits every week. This is a life style change. I can keep this up forever and it makes me happy to see the little bits of fat going away. I know if I was seeing big blobs of fat going away I'd be happier, but for me it's not real. It would be back soon. This is my lose-it-and-keep-it-off fitness plan and it works for me. It wouldn't work for everyone, but it works for me.

Here are the measurements for the week:

weight: 165
waist: 35 1/2
hips: 42 3/4
r thigh: 24 3/4
l thigh: 24 1/2
r arm: 14
l arm: 14 1/2

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ugly Exercise Pic

This is what I look like when I work out. Sweats, hoodie, no makeup, double chin (LOL)... thought I'd share.

I totally ate lots of chocolate chip cookie dough tonight. I got asked last minute to make two dozen cookies for a meeting tomorrow night. I think I must be PMSing because I've been craving chocolate big-time. I gave in to the craving :( Oh well... I guess I better work out extra... ha ha ha

I've been working my arms a ton this week and it could be my imagination, but they seem to be getting less flabbier. I don't know if the measurements will show a drop in inches, since muscle could be just as big around, but less flabby is GOOD :)

42 minute work-out tonight :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Non-Coffee Cappuccino

I am LDS (Mormon) so I don't drink coffee, not even decaf, I also don't smoke or drink alcohol. Since this is a "Healthy Me" blog and not just a weight-loss blog, I thought I'd share a simple recipe, that isn't exactly diet, but I believe is a healthier choice than coffee (and pretty freakin' good!) :) If you want to read more about the Word of Wisdom (which is what the commandment to avoid such items is called), I encourage you to check it out. Before I became active in the church, I used to love cappuccinos, especially caramel ones. I haven't had an actual cappuccino in many, many years, but occasionally I crave one. I came up with an excellent solution.

The Non-Coffee Cappuccino... here is the cast of characters.

2 tsp pero
2 c low fat vanilla soy milk
2 heaping T dulce de leche or caramel syrup
a handy-dandy hot chocolate maker (not just for hot chocolate anymore!)

Mix your ingredients into your Cocomotion (come on baby, do the Cocomotion) and turn it on. (You could also just warm it up on the stove & whisk it, but where's the fun in that?)

When it's done, pour it into two regular sized mugs or one big ol' mug like mine. Look at that frothy goodness. Mmmmmmmm so good! Even my coffee-drinker brothers and sisters have enjoyed this when I've made it for them.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Seven Random Things (that you don't already know)

Bunny Trails at Naturally Wandering tagged me today. I have to post seven random things about myself. OH NO... How will I do it? I'm so not a random person... ha ha ha... I know, whatever. I'm about as random as it gets. Most people that read my blogs already know lots of random stuff about me, but here are seven facts you probably don't know.

1- I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to sleep. Sleep is my favorite part of every day. I wish I could sleep in every single day! If no-one bothers me (including the alarm clock) I could sleep all day long.

2- Random songs and movie quotes pop into my head ALL them time. I hear something or see something and it triggers a song or a quote from a movie usually the same few movies. A couple of the random movies I often quote from: The Brady Bunch Movie, Wayne's World, Clueless, Blast From the Past. My little brother Tony quotes the exact same movies all the time :)

3- I change my taste in music about every 6-9 months. I'll go through phases of country, hard '80s rock, alternative, old stuff (Johnny Cash & Elvis), etc. I'll listen to only one type for several months and then randomly one day I change. Right now it's Christmas music :)

4- I'm the FEC vice president of my children's charter school. The FEC is the Family Engagement Committee which is the same thing as a PTA in a public school. I've also been the Theater Arts chairperson; the first year the school opened I developed and ran the theater dept. for grades K-8 including having 4 plays and a drama club in the first year. I directed one play, stage managed two and ran the whole program. I've stage managed more children's productions than I can count and most recently, drama-wise I taught a preschool drama class at work.

5- I asked my hubby what a random thing about me is and he said everything... LOL. He said pretty much everything that comes out of my mouth is random.

6- I bribe the IS guys (computer geeks) at my work with treats. I bring them homemade food so they'll come over and fix the stuff in our office quickly. I work for the city (in the art center), which means they are really busy, since they handle everything city-wide and it's not a tiny city, but a phone message like, "We need the latest WinTix update installed and I brought cake today." usually gets them moving pretty fast.

7- My husband and I live in different states. I live in Utah and he lives in Nevada. We've been married since January and have never lived in the same state. He's trying to find a job here, but if he doesn't (which it looks like he won't) I'll be moving to Nevada in June when school gets out. I don't want to move! I love it here and DO NOT want to take my kids out of their school and put them in public school. They are learning SO many things that public schools don't give. My hubby and I have cell phones and web cams and visit each other about once a month for anywhere from three days to a week and a half each time. I think it's good practice for next time he gets deployed... LOL

There ya go! Random Angie facts. I tag anyone that wants to be tagged!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Same Ol' Blah

30 minute work out
drank water
ate semi-healthy
avoided junk
same ol'
same ol'
I'm boring
I know

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today & Yesterday (you know I should start coming up with more creative titles)

I did a 30 minute work-out. That's the good news. Bad news is I didn't eat any fruits or veggies today unless you count pizza sauce, pineapple (on pizza), enchilada sauce, cream of mushroom soup or salsa... LOL. There's fruits & veggies in them. Right? Come on, someone agree with me :)

Now what I didn't eat today: soda pop, ice cream & cookies... all which were served at the lunch provided at work today. I just had pizza and water.

As we sat down for dinner tonight (beef enchiladas), Nina was like "this is all we're having, I thought we have vegetables with every dinner." Then I felt like a crappy mom. Nina is my child that hates half the food I make and if she's complaining about no veggies I've really been slacking.

Speaking of slacking, yesterday I was CRAVING cheese fries from The Training Table. They are so good there and they have the yummiest dipping sauce made with bbq sauce & mayo. I was so tempted to stop there and buy them, but I didn't. What I did do was came home and baked some fries, covered them with cheese and made the dipping sauce w/ bbq sauce and fat-free mayo. Sounds like a better choice, right. It would've been, but the kids and I ate them at like 4 pm and then I forgot to cook dinner because I wasn't hungry anymore. So dinner last night was cheesy fries. SLACKER!!! Tomorrow I am soooo making veggies with dinner.

Low Fat Chocolate Pumpkin Bread

Friday night I was CRAVING something warm and chocolaty. Dying to have it. I looked through my cupboards and there was Halloween candy and such, but nothing warm, gooey and semi-healthy. I decided to make something up. Now... I've mentioned this many times on my American Homemaker blog... I am physically and mentally incapable of following a recipe. I love love cookbooks and researching recipes online. I find the one I want, print it out and proceed to mark it up as I almost follow it. I had pumpkin in my fridge and wanted to make something simple. Here's what my recipe looked like when I was done :)

This bread was sooo good... maybe just because I was craving warm goodness, but my kids all had pieces for breakfast and later for snack on Saturday, and it was a hit with them too. It's pretty healthy, the chocolate chips of course detract from the healthiness, but it's just what I needed. This would be a great lower fat option on a holiday buffet or brunch table.

Low Fat Chocolate Pumpkin Bread

2 c whole wheat flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 c cocoa powder
2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1/4 tsp salt
1 c pumpkin
3/4 c brown sugar
3 eggs
2 T water
1 c chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350. Spray a 9x13 pan or two loaf pans with cooking spray. Beat pumpkin, sugar, egg and water together. Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Bake for 25 LONG minutes until a toothpick inserted in the bread comes out clean. MMMmmmm... So good with a glass of skim milk or a warm mug of herbal holiday tea.

The American Homemakers Holiday Show and Share

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Measurements

weight: 167
waist: 36
hips: 42 3/4
thigh: 24 1/2
arm: 14 1/4

I seem to lose from just one part of my body each week. Weird! That's why I used to just measure like once a month instead of every week. It's nice to see the overall loss. I worked out only 20 minutes tonight, but I'm drugged on benedryl and want to go to bed. I found my 3lb weights in the garage, so I did 20 minutes on my arms tonight with them.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Well... I did pretty good this weekend food-wise. I did slack a bit on the exercise. Friday I had no energy so I spent the evening chilling and watching a movie and last night I was exhausted so I was in bed by 8. I'm planning on working out tonight though :)

I'm hoping I meet my first mini-goal, but I'm not sure if I will. I'm losing the energy/will power. Hopefully it's just this weekend and I can be back on track tomorrow.

I love reading everyone else's weight-loss adventures. It motivates me to be better.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Carb Fest

As I was thinking back on what I ate today, I realized I pretty much only ate carbs. I had oatmeal for breakfast, two muffins for a morning snack, baked sweet potato fries for lunch, a chicken bake from Costco for dinner and the rest of the sweet potato fries for a snack. I didn't try to be on a carb-full diet today, but that's what happened... LOL. Nothing I ate was really bad or anything, I'm just lacking in balance today. Where are the veggies, man?

I did a 30 minute work-out tonight and my body feels tired. Maybe because I spent 5 hours on my feet in high heels Christmas shopping today. That couldn't be it, could it? :) Does that count as a work-out? I think it should.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Good Day

I did a 40 minute workout tonight and stayed away from junk food all day. I did have hot cocoa this morning. (Our heater quit working and I had hot cocoa with the kids.) But happy day, it tasted way too sweet. I'll stick with my herbal tea. I love the holiday flavors. I stock up on them and enjoy them all year. I love it when I eat healthy for long enough my body starts to turn it's nose up at the crap foods.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I worked out for 10 minutes this morning before work and 30 minutes tonight. I didn't eat anything that's bad for me and I drank lots of water!

I had a man-I-wish-I-wouldn't-have-gotten-fat-again moment today. I had to go get my new military id card today, since mine was expired. I had never been in the building before and was already feeling really lost and out of place. I've only been a military wife since January.

After having to stop and ask two different people where to go, I finally found the room. There were already people in there, so I waited in the chairs right outside. I glanced in and went "Oh Crap". I then texted my hubby and said, "I dated the guy doing the id cards. Can I just bail and leave?" Hubby of course thought that was the funniest thing ever. He proceeded to text me things like. "ha ha ha" "Why don't you get his number?" and "Maybe he'll take you out tonight." Yes it cracked him up. I felt really stupid. Especially because this guy is really hot & I've put on weight in the last year and my weight is listed on my stupid id card, plus I just look fatter. It shouldn't matter, but I was totally embarrassed. The guy said hi when I walked in and then looked at me funny and said, "You look really familiar. Did I do your card for you last time?" I debated on whether or not I should pretend like I didn't know him. But then I thought it would probably come to him sooner or later and I'd feel really dumb. So I told him we had gone on a date. I didn't mention to him that we had also chatted online a ton and talked on the phone for hours (online dating). I figured if he didn't remember me, I wasn't gonna bring it up. He got embarrassed that he didn't remember and brought it up several times when I was getting my card.

Anyways... Point of the story is I wish I could've been like "Yeah Baby... Look what you missed out on!" and instead I wanted to hide. I dated A LOT in the few months I was single. I dated more each week than most people do in a month. I better get into shape before I run into anymore guys... LOL.

On a side note... my hubby was looking into getting a job at the headquarters here in Utah and I told him I had dated a guy that works there (90% of the guys I dated were military) and I told him I'd be embarrassed if they met. Hubby was like, "there's like a thousand people that work there, like I'd ever meet him." So if there's a thousand people that work there, why is it my luck that the only person I know is the only person I have to deal with? LOL

Quote of the Day

This was said today by my 7 year old son as he was teaching his 8 year old sister how to do laundry. He was being quite the good little teacher and was very serious about it. I think his advice is very applicable to all of us trying to get in shape.

"It's much more easier when you have a buddy. You can do it yourself, but it's much harder."

I wrote it down right afterward so I wouldn't forget how he put it. So there you have it... we can learn a lot from our children.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Orange Julius Recipe

The American Homemakers Holiday Show and Share

Ok... I'm lame... LOL I'm participating in my own Show & Share :)

Here's a great Christmas morning or any morning smoothie recipe that the whole family will love. We make all kinds of smoothies at our house. I have a smoothie-maker that I use often. I buy frozen fruit in the big bags at Costco... yum....

You might want more sugar in your Julius, but I try and keep it as healthy as possible and still have it tasting good. This is a good reminder for me to grab some juice to throw in the freezer for the holidays. I rarely buy juice. You can also add a banana to your Orange Julius if you like, for extra sweetness and health benefits.

1 c skim milk
2 c orange juice
1/4 c sugar
1 tsp vanilla

Add everything into a blender or smoothie-maker and blend! Makes about 4 (1 cup) servings.

Weekly Blah Blah Blah

Weight- 166 lb
Waist- 36"
Hips- 42 3/4"
Thigh- 25"
Arm- 14 1/4"

My waist seems to have dropped a bit. My pants seem to be fitting a bit better than they were a couple of weeks ago. I'm dying to pull out the box of clothes I was wearing last year at this time!!!

I'm going to work out now! See ya'll soon!

I'm back :) 45 minutes, baby!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Since seeing a high fructose corn syrup (hrcs) commercial by the Corn Refiners Association a bit ago, I've been doing a bit of research on hrcs. It seems it's not as horrible as we all thought. It's about as horrible as sugar. Which isn't great, but not the evil thing we were led to believe it is. The main problem with hrcs is it's in EVERYTHING. So basically we are just consuming way too much sugar.

Time Magazine did an article about it in September. It was interesting. I think it's funny the way some things are "bad" for us and then they're "good" for us. I remember avoiding palm and coconut oils like crazy. Only buying certain brands of fruit snacks and peanut butter and avoiding cool whip thinking those oils are the worst kind to put in your body. Now we're told they are some of the best.

It's crazy how fast science changes it's mind.

Friday, October 31, 2008


I totally ate candy today. I worked from 12:30 until 8:30pm without a lunch break and handed out candy to trick-or-treaters between 3 and 6:30pm. I was really hungry and snitched some candy. Then someone brought us rice crispy treats at work and I ate some. Bad Bad. Oh well... it's Halloween and I did come home and eat dinner instead of eating more junk.

Happy Halloween everyone!

So far this week...

I've done pretty well. I've worked out a few times, had lots of water and eaten reasonably healthy. Hopefully my next measurements are happy ones :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

OOOhhhh Yuck!

Don't read this if you don't want to be grossed out :)

Since I started my cleanse a few weeks ago, I'm always checking out the toilet to see if there are worms or other weird things. Crazy, I know! I never thought I'd be checking out poo, especially the 17 times I day I go now! But I'm soooo worried I'll see a worm. It would be completely and totally traumatic to me. So... the other day I saw this weird thing. It looked like a fish. Like an anchovy. I don't know what an anchovy looks like...LOL. But it looks like an anchovy on pizza in cartoons looks like. Just a little gross fish. Sick and wrong!!!

Working Out & Mindless Rambling

I did a 40 minute work-out yesterday afternoon. I've been so tired lately, that after my work-out, I just stayed there on the floor and almost fell asleep. Then when I got up, my back was killing me from doing leg-lifts and then just staying flat on my back for a while.

It's my day off (from work, not from and I am totally taking a nap this morning. I've been looking forward to it all week. It's the first time in a long time I've had a day not completely scheduled out.

Yesterday I ate a bagel w/cream cheese for breakfast with some herbal tea. Not the healthiest choice. For lunch I had a sandwich on whole wheat bread. It had turkey, cheese & spinach on it. After work I had a quesadilla with spinach and cheese. Dinner last night was taco soup which is healthy, but then I had a piece of amish friendship bread last night. I guess my eating isn't totally horrible, but once again it could be better. I had whole wheat pancakes this morning.

I have been avoiding sweets & desserts along with pop (which is really hard). The working out isn't too bad. I always put it off, but once I'm doing it, it's not bad. I rarely watch tv. I have three shows I watch, ever, and I'm always go, go, go, but working out forces me to chill if that makes sense. I watch some mindless tv (like Inside Edition) while I work out. I think it's good not only for my body to get the excersise, but also for my mind to focus on nothing for a bit. I haven't been working out during my regular tv shows, because I like sitting on the couch and relaxing during them. I also like having that extra bit of mind-relaxation while my body is not relaxing during other shows. I'm pretty sure I'm rambling on and not making a lick of sense. Let's just say I'm extremely stressd out and getting close to a breaking point and for my mental health along with my physical health, working out is good for me :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Work Out

I did 40 minutes tonight. I mostly work my abs every day. Probably 25-30 minutes were abs. It's how I've lost inches before. I truly believe that everyone is different and everyone loses weight differently. I've never had much luck with the killer cardio work-outs. I use an exercise ball and floor exercises. I also like to work my arms. I've always hated my arms.

Weekly Update... still fat :)

Here are the weekly stats:

waist: 36 1/2
hips: 42 3/4 (well, at least I lost something)
thigh: 25
arm:14 1/4

Saturday, October 25, 2008

This Weekend

Well... I had chocolate cake yesterday :( and I haven't had much for veggies this weekend so far. I did have my spinach salad on Thursday. It wasn't great. I think it's because it was regular spinach with the stems on it. I think the stems traumatize me... LOL. It reminded me of the first time I gave Caleb a salad made from spinach. He looked at it and said "I don't eat leaves". I tried to tell him lettuce is leaves too. He didn't believe me. I think I need to cut the stems off next time. Don't know why it bugged me.

I did a 20 minute work-out tonight. It was pretty good. I avoided lots of junk today at work. I've been drinking quite a bit of water today, which is really good, because yesterday I drank hardly any and then I was so thirsty I bought a Dr. Pepper at the pizza place. It was bad.

I guess I've been so-so. I'll do much better this coming week :)

The cleanse still seems to be doing something, I almost didn't make it to the bathroom twice today at work. I worked all day, from 10-10. I usually take the first dose when I first wake up, and then I take the second when I get off work (usually around 3 or 4) and then I take the last dose right before bed. When I work all day, I don't take a mid-day dose. This schedule seems to work for me. I'm really hoping I'll get rid of some yucky stuff and have more energy when I'm done.

I've been drinking herbal tea when I get hungry at night. I add a bit of sugar to it, but it's not as bad as if I was eating something. It helps me feel full and adds more good liquid to my diet.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another Workout!

Well... here I am posting that I did a 30 minute workout tonight while I eat an avocado sandwich at 11 pm... LOL. It's only avocado on roll... not too bad. Right? haha

I'm on a crappy schedule. I usually just take a granola bar or something to work. Then I wanna eat at 3 or 4 when I get home, so of course I'm not really hungry at dinner time. Then I get hungry later at night. Plus working out always makes me hungry. I need to put more of an effort into taking a lunch to work.

I picked up a lovely bunch of spinach at the Sunflower Market for almost nothing, so I'll be eating a delicious salad tomorrow for lunch. It's my day off (from work). I never get a day off from housework :(

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Worked Out!

I did a 35 minute workout tonight! I'm on the wagon!


As embarrassing as it is, I'm posting my weekly stats on the sidebar of my blog, along with the stats of my hubby and my friend, Ben. Anyone want to be humiliated with us??? I can add your stats too :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Monday

I didn't do my measurements this week because I ate crappy and didn't work out. Time to get back on the workout wagon :) I did weigh myself because I'm wondering what the cleanse is doing. I seem to be losing more than I'm taking in :) I lost 6 lbs since I started the cleanse. Interesting, since I haven't worked out. It doesn't count towards my goal, since my goal is inches, but it's good to know that it seems to be moving out some backed up yucky stuff. I've been drinking tons of water and my skin isn't quite as dry.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Help... I'm Drying Up

If a medication lists a side effect, I get it. As I was researching colon cleanses, everything I read said the biggest side effect is dehydration. I drink a lot of water. I drink more than the suggested amount, but my skin is cracking and peeling really bad. My lips are chapped and my hair is dry. I have dry patches on my face. I do live in Utah which is the second driest state in the US, but this isn't normal for me. I'm trying to drink more and lotioning like crazy, but it's not doing any good yet :(

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekly Measurements

Well... nothing has changed measurement-wise... not surprising. I haven't been working out at all. I am ALMOST over my sickness though, finally after almost three weeks. It's down to a little cough now, so no more excuses. Time to eat better and work out!!!

I splurged last night at my work party. I didn't take the colon cleanse pills at all yesterday because I knew I'd be spending all night in the bathroom if I ate bad stuff while on them. I had dessert and Cherry Pepsi. I had been craving it for a while, so I decided to take a little break, but now I'm back on :) I even gave my chocolate-covered strawberries that came with my lunch today to my co-worker (they can go to HER hips...hehehe). After eating so much sugar and caffeine last night I couldn't sleep. I was up 'til about 2:30 am. I was sooo tired this morning.

I hope everyone has been more successful than I have the last couple of weeks :(

Saturday, October 11, 2008

This Week

I've been pretty good this week. I did have one bad day (well... bad for me). On Thursday I didn't eat breakfast, I had 2 pop tarts and chocolate milk for lunch and a Cafe Rio salad for dinner. It wasn't horrible, but I should be eating better. I've also had a couple of dum-dum suckers this week.

Other than that I've been doing good. I really need to get back into the work-out mode. I've been crazy busy though and yes I'm STILL sick. It's all in my chest. Not fun at all. I haven't had much salad this week. I really need to buy some.

I've been craving pop really bad! I had an orange juice and a chocolate milk this week to try and get over the craving (even though they aren't water, it's better than carbonation) but it just hasn't worked. I want to splurge and have some Cherry Pepsi at my work Halloween party I'm throwing on Monday, but I won't because I need to be good, plus I need to be a good example for others watching what they're eating.

How's everyone else doing this week? Any tough cravings?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Will I Ever Be Over This Stupid Cold or Whatever It Is?

I'm so ready to get back to my normal self, although not ready enough to go to the

Everyone that caught the stupid sickness from me got over it within three days. I think I'm broken. It always takes me an EXTREMELY long time to heal, whether it's from a sickness, a bruise, a scratch, whatever. I bruise really easily, as in the tiniest bump will cause a big bruise and they last for months. If I get a scratch that breaks the skin I'll have a scar for at least a year. I'm not even exaggerating. Even a little zit will make a scar that lasts for month and I have to cover it up with makeup. That's one of the biggest reasons I take such good care of my skin. I've talked to doctors before, but of course they don't know what's wrong with me. Perhaps the cleanse will clear out some nasty worm or parasite that is causing issues... Wouldn't that be nice?

I do need to break down and get in to the doctor tomorrow though. It's been almost two weeks. I'm starting to have sore muscles in my back from coughing so much and it's totally moved into my chest.

I'm still eating pretty good, but the working out has totally gone bye-bye. I'm just not up to it. I'll never reach my goals if I don't do some sort of work out :(

Monday, October 6, 2008

Start of a New Week

Ok... I'm being totally brave and posting my measurements & pics for the week...

weight: 172
waist: 36 1/2
hips: 43 1/4
r. thigh 25 1/4
l. thigh 25 1/2
r. arm 14 1/4
l. arm 14 3/4

Arm measurements seem to fluctuate. I think it's because I probably don't hit the exact same spot every time. All of these measurements are a lot higher than I was in December-March, but lower than when I started a few weeks ago, so it's both bad and good. My weight back in March was 158. That's the last time I had weighed myself (I don't really care what I weigh).

I'm not really cramping with the cleanse any more, so that's good. I hope it's doing something.

I'm still sick. It's been forever and I just don't seem to be getting over it, so I haven't really worked out. I think that's why my measurements are the same as last week, but at least I'm maintaining even being sick. My hips are 1/4 inch smaller which makes me happy. I really wanna get to 35 inches on my waist by Halloween!!! I guess it's time to work out even being sick :( I'm still avoiding sweets. My will power is improving. I'm not really craving sweets or pop anymore.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


I had a question about which colon cleanse I'm doing, so I thought I'd answer it here :) Shiloah of the Homemaking Cottage has written a couple of times about her cleanse at the Homemaking Cottage and Hot Mama's. She used one from Health Plus. It's the super colon cleanse and after checking out all the different products at a health food store and talking to the people there, I decided to take Shiloah's word and order the same stuff she used. It's cheaper and seems a lot easier. It only took a couple of days to get here once I ordered it. Plus everything at the store should only be taken for only 2 weeks or so and I'd like to try for a couple of months. I can see how she lost weight on it. I seem to be in the bathroom after every meal now. I have had tummy cramps each time I eat, but they only last a minute.

I've always been someone who is tired all the time. I never seem to have enough sleep and even exercise doesn't energize me, so I'm hoping if I get rid of the extra crap (LOL... in this case it's literal) I've been carrying around I'll feel better.

Friday, October 3, 2008

October 3rd

I started my colon cleanse yesterday and had tummy cramps this morning :( No fun. We ate at Cafe Rio last night and I really wanted a quesadilla, but instead I ordered the salad (which I always get...LOL) It's super good, but also I figure if I'm gonna eat out I can at least eat lots of veggies although I know it probably has a million and one calories.

I haven't been working out much because I've been sick for over a week. It'll be hard to get back in the swing of things.

I weighed myself finally just so I know what I weigh before the cleanse. I'm not super happy with my weight lol. I'm doing a cleanse that actually lasts a couple of months, so it should really clean everything out and I wanted to see how many pounds are lost. I decided I'm not gonna hold anything back and the beginning of next week when I do my measurements I'll be posting them on my blog along with a picture and my weight. I figure there's no better motivation than that!

Monday, September 29, 2008


I measured myself this morning... I lost another 1/2 an inch on my tum and 1/2 an inch on my hips :) Waaa hooo!!! I ordered some colon cleanse today, so hopefully it arrives soon. It makes it much easier to keep eating right when I see results and I'm lovin' it! I'm on my way to meeting my goals.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Today Sept 28

I am very sick :( I feel crappy, but I'm still doing ok eating-wise. I did have fruit cocktail cake tonight after dinner, but I made it with whole wheat flour, cut the sugar in half and served it with fat free canned milk on top, everyone else ate it with ice cream. It was pretty healthy. I'll be doing my measurements tonight, but since I've been sick for several days, I don't know how accurate they'll be. I've also decided to start a colon cleanse this week. I'm scared!!! I don't especially want to see worms or parasites that are in me, but I know I won't be able to resist looking. Is it better to see them or to just have them hidden inside me? LOL

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sept 27

I'm still doing good. I've passed on lots of bad treats including the Nutella crepes when we went to IHOP (and oh my goodness they looked good). Nutella is my ultimate fave!

I think I need to drink more water. I do fine in the summer, but as it gets cooler I just don't drink as much. I haven't been drinking anything else though, no pop, no juice so that's good. Hopefully I see the results I want by Halloween and then Christmas.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tough Time

Yesterday was sooooo tough. At work we had root beer floats. That wasn't too tough to resist. But....... in the fridge at work were the leftovers from the VIP reception from the night before. There were eclairs w/little frosting flowers on them, cream puffs and lemon bars. All some of my very favorites!!! I wanted them sooooo bad. Soooo bad. My mouth was watering every time I opened that fridge. But I resisted!!! I was tough. I even thought I'd take a plate of them home and freeze them and use them as a special reward later. But no. I talked myself out of that too. I was good!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sept 18

For breakfast today I had a bowl of cracked wheat cereal w/pumpkin pie spice, brown sugar and light vanilla soy milk. For lunch I had a good salad. It was romaine lettuce, tomato, edamame (soy beans), canned chicken breast, muenster cheese cubes and fat free Catalina dressing. For snack I had a muffin and a piece of whole wheat pinto bean bread with a bit of jam. Dinner was a breakfast casserole. It had eggs, cheese, tatortots and bread with ketchup on top. I had applesauce on the side. I drank only water today and worked out for 30 minutes while I watched Supernatural :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sept 17--- still doing great :)

Today for breakfast I had 2 whole wheat pancakes w/ a peach sliced on top and light whipped cream... I was surprised that the whipped cream only had 1 gram of fat, 15 calories and 1 gram of sugar per serving. Light syrup has 100 calories and 24 grams of sugar. I was happy to know that whipped cream and fruit were the better choice and much yummier. Lunch was a ham & cheese sandwich w/lettuce, tomato & pickles and an apple. For snack I had a piece of dried sweetened papaya. I also sampled two california rolls, a couple of cubes of cheese, a chip w/ hummus and a little thing of soynuts at the store this afternoon. Dinner was baked beans... pinto beans, hamburger, bacon bits, cheese. Lettuce and corn went on top and I had a piece of cornbread on the side. I've had lots of water today and I exercised for 35-40 minutes. Yeah.... things are still going great. I gave my cookies and chips that came with my lunch to my coworker. I passed on the chocolate cake and ice cream someone brought me at work and didn't even look at the brownies Nina made tonight. I'm am surrounded by junk food at work almost every day, but I've been doing really good at Just Saying NO :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

sept 16

Still doing ok :) I had a piece of whole wheat toast with a slice of cheese melted on it for breakfast with a peach and water to drink. For lunch I had a ham & cheese sandwich w/lettuce and tomatoes and 1/4 c of potato salad. I had water to drink. I had a piece of that fruity cake for one snack and an apple for the other. I ate tuna melt, soybeans, green bean casserole and corn for dinner. I had quite a bit of water today and exercised for 30 minutes while I watched my show.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sept 15th

I did pretty good today. I didn't have any junk, although I did eat a small piece of cake after dinner for my brother's birthday. I made it with dried fruit and whole wheat flour though, so it wasn't any worse than a muffin. I worked my abs for 10 minutes this morning and 20 minutes last night. They are so sore. I'm going to do another work-out tonight. I haven't had that much water today, so I need to drink more, but overall it was a good day :)

My goal is to lose an inch to 2 inches on my waist by Halloween! I know I can do it!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

So Sad

I measured myself yesterday, and my waist is back where it was before I started losing weight. My hips, thighs and arms are still smaller, although they also have grown. I will not eat anymore sweets. I did it last year and I can do it again. Also, no pop, juice or lemonade. Just water to drink.

I exercised last night for about 30 minutes. My tummy and thighs are sore. Yeah!

For breakfast today I had a granola bar, a banana and a bottle of water. Lunch was a big bowl of vegetable soup, 2 pieces of whole grain bread and a slice of monterrey jack cheese w/ of course another bottle of water. It was very filling. I know you don't have to ever be hungry to lose weight. I'm drinking more water as we speak. (or as I type)

Once I go off of sweets, the sugar in other things generally satisfies my sweet tooth. I especially love dried fruit or smoothies. After a few weeks of no sweets, I will get sick if I have any at all, even a bite makes my stomach churn. It's kinda nice. It takes away the want.

Well... I'm off to do a little work-out :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Not too bad

I've done pretty well the last couple of days, no terrible splurges (even though I've very much wanted to), I did 15 minutes of abs and 10 minutes of arms today. I've had a few bottles of water a day, but not enough. Not great, but not horrible. I can definitely do better.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ok... I suck

I have been really bad at eating at non-exercising. I need to keep journaling, it keeps me on track.

Today I had a granola bar and skim milk for breakfast. At work today, I had cake (bad), a cookie (bad), a ham sandwich and cheetos (bad). For dinner I had a healthy salad and a bran muffin. I drank lots of water today, which is good.

I did 15 minutes of arm exercises and 10 minutes of abs.

Tomorrow I will do better.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Ok, so I've been a complete slacker at posting on this blog. But... I've got my American Homemaker blog, my personal family blog & my work blog all to keep up on... Yikes. Of course this one is slacking.

I haven't been slacking on my healthy eating though. I haven't been great, but pretty good.

I've also been drinking a gallon of water a day... yes... a gallon. Which means I pee about every hour, and even wake up twice in the night to head to the potty. No fun.

I've lost a quarter inch everywhere since my last measurement... Sweet.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

food, glorious food

For breakfast I had a bowl of multi-grain cheerios with a nectarine cut up in it and skim milk. Lunch was a bowl of veggie soup, a chicken sandwich and some blueberries. For dinner I had turkey, stuffing, green beans and 2 rolls. After working out I had a bowl of light veggie soup. I drank tons of water today. I think I'm doing pretty well.

5K training

The kids and I decided we want to participate in the 5K our school is hosting next month. I walked/ran 1 1/4 miles today at the gym.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 7th

I haven't been keeping very good track :( The last week and a half I was terrible at eating. Ken was in town and we ate out quite a bit and we ate lots of junk. No more! Yesterday I did pretty well. I was running errands in the morning, so I only had water. At about 11:30 I had soup and water. For snacks at work I had a banana, a chex mix 100 calorie pack and honey wheat pretzels. I had cereal for dinner. I did eat a couple of small cookies last night to try them. Bad, Bad. Today I should be better. I measured myself. I lost an inch on my waist and gained an inch on my hips. Arms and thighs stayed the same, although the same is much higher than they were in January or even March. Time to do better. We will be training to do a 5K walk. The extra walking should do the whole family some good. We need the exercise.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Food Today

Breakfast today was a whole wheat bagel w/strawberry yogurt spread and a big glass of water. Lunch was a small bowl of potato soup, a sourdough roll and a bunch of romaine salad with strawberries and a vinegar/oil dressing and orange juice. Dinner was homemade cheese pizza, 2 pieces of garlic bread, cantaloupe and water :) I didn't even consider eating the doughnuts Ambrey brought to work, the big cake in the board room or the jar of hugs on my desk.... Yeah!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good Job Me

Today for breakfast I had 3 small pancakes topped with 1/2 a cup of applesauce and 8 oz of water. For lunch I had a salad made with 1/2 a head of romaine, 2 strawberries, a tuna-fish-sized can of chicken breast and light Catalina dressing w/ 16 oz of water. For snacks I had a Fiber One granola bar and a 100 calorie bag of chex mix. I had 8 oz of water this afternoon. For dinner I ate 2 cups of vegetable soup, 2 small rolls and 16 oz of water. 1/3 c. of dried fruit was dessert. Still doin good food-wise :) I was craving lots of junk today at Walmart, but it's just because they put lots of candy bars and stuff into a vintage package and I was drawn to them. I think I just wanted to buy them to look at more than eat. I also really wanted a small york peppermint patty that was in the candy dish on Whitney's desk today, but I resisted. I think I need to make sure I have a bread item with lunch, because 2 hours after I had my salad I was pretty hungry.

Monday, June 16, 2008


For dinner today I had 2 cups of minestrone soup, a melted cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread and 16 oz of water.

I worked from 2:30-9 tonight. I took for my snack: 1/3 c of dried berries, a 100 calorie chex mix packet and a granola bar. I had 16 oz of water.

I think overall today I did pretty well. I think I need to cut back on the cheese, but other than that I included vegetables in 2 meals, I had fruit, I drank lots of water.

I didn't get much exercise unless you count walking back and forth for 2 hours helping unsupervised children make a mess because they don't have real parents.

lunch today

Today for breakfast I had 2 scrambled eggs, a small amount of cheese, 2 pieces of whole wheat toast and 16 oz of water (tap water to save $)

Lunch was a head of romaine lettuce, yes that is a whole head. 1 cup of low fat vegetarian chili which had half a hot dog cut up in it from dinner last night, a small handful of cheese and a bloop of sour cream. I also drank 16 oz of water. I had a glass of water in between my meals too.

So far so good today :)

June 16, 2008

Ok... I am determined that June is the last month I will dread taking pictures. I have several pairs of pants I can't fit into now. From here on out, I will love myself.

May 2008

If my husband didn't live in another state, I would have stopped taking pics at this point. At least I got a cute haircut/color. This is the point where i start buying purses and shoes because I hate trying on clothes.

My hair was especially adorable on this day :)

April 2008

Here I am feeling blobby and unattractive again. At this point I had put a couple of inches back on my waist and some of my clothes weren't fitting anymore.

March 2008

In March I was still feeling ok about myself, but I was starting to avoid pictures more.

February 2008

February is the month I started to notice the weight start creeping on. I wasn't doing as well staying away from sweets. I started drinking pop if I was offered it. I also started the Depo-shot half-way through January and birth control always makes me gain weight. Generally my will-power was slipping.

Wedding January 2008

I had found this dress the summer before, I never thought I would be wearing it, and that it would fit so well. I think I looked beautiful on my wedding day. Of course Ken looked handsome too.

January 2008

Lookin good and feelin even better.

December 2007

December was when I was at my smallest. I was fitting into things I never thought I would, like these adorable vintage jeans from the 70's. I was easily a size 10 and felt fantastic about the way I looked.