Thursday, November 13, 2008

Seven Random Things (that you don't already know)

Bunny Trails at Naturally Wandering tagged me today. I have to post seven random things about myself. OH NO... How will I do it? I'm so not a random person... ha ha ha... I know, whatever. I'm about as random as it gets. Most people that read my blogs already know lots of random stuff about me, but here are seven facts you probably don't know.

1- I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to sleep. Sleep is my favorite part of every day. I wish I could sleep in every single day! If no-one bothers me (including the alarm clock) I could sleep all day long.

2- Random songs and movie quotes pop into my head ALL them time. I hear something or see something and it triggers a song or a quote from a movie usually the same few movies. A couple of the random movies I often quote from: The Brady Bunch Movie, Wayne's World, Clueless, Blast From the Past. My little brother Tony quotes the exact same movies all the time :)

3- I change my taste in music about every 6-9 months. I'll go through phases of country, hard '80s rock, alternative, old stuff (Johnny Cash & Elvis), etc. I'll listen to only one type for several months and then randomly one day I change. Right now it's Christmas music :)

4- I'm the FEC vice president of my children's charter school. The FEC is the Family Engagement Committee which is the same thing as a PTA in a public school. I've also been the Theater Arts chairperson; the first year the school opened I developed and ran the theater dept. for grades K-8 including having 4 plays and a drama club in the first year. I directed one play, stage managed two and ran the whole program. I've stage managed more children's productions than I can count and most recently, drama-wise I taught a preschool drama class at work.

5- I asked my hubby what a random thing about me is and he said everything... LOL. He said pretty much everything that comes out of my mouth is random.

6- I bribe the IS guys (computer geeks) at my work with treats. I bring them homemade food so they'll come over and fix the stuff in our office quickly. I work for the city (in the art center), which means they are really busy, since they handle everything city-wide and it's not a tiny city, but a phone message like, "We need the latest WinTix update installed and I brought cake today." usually gets them moving pretty fast.

7- My husband and I live in different states. I live in Utah and he lives in Nevada. We've been married since January and have never lived in the same state. He's trying to find a job here, but if he doesn't (which it looks like he won't) I'll be moving to Nevada in June when school gets out. I don't want to move! I love it here and DO NOT want to take my kids out of their school and put them in public school. They are learning SO many things that public schools don't give. My hubby and I have cell phones and web cams and visit each other about once a month for anywhere from three days to a week and a half each time. I think it's good practice for next time he gets deployed... LOL

There ya go! Random Angie facts. I tag anyone that wants to be tagged!


Anonymous said...

Very random. I love the movie clueless!

Scale Junkie said...

Random songs in the head people UNITE!! How funny, I'm the same way.