Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Blahs

Well... not much to report. I haven't been eating that great and I haven't been working out this week. I'm NOT pregnant (thank goodness) but I'm not feeling 100% better either. I'm just kinda blah. I'm happy that Christmas is coming, but feeling a little overwhelmed too. I'm sure every one of you can relate.


Marisa said...

I can totally relate! Overwhelmed =stress, stress = eating junk, eating junk = feeling blah, feeling blah = not exercising. All put together = weight gain and beating ourselves up! Story of my life :)

Shiloah Baker said...

I've been eating out way too much this week. Life happens. I didn't really want to know, but decided to count my calories the day I ate out for two meals with my hubby. Almost 3000 calories! I about died! I only did one small workout too- didn't make any dent.

It's the holidays. We have a new year around the corner and a chance to start again!