Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Losing 6 in 6: I need your help!

I posted about Losing 6 in 6 on my other blog!  

Please join in if you're looking for some
motivation and support!
I'm thinking this blog will be getting a lot more action as well... I'm going to need to keep right on track of things to meet my goal!!!  I hate weight-loss goals... but this is one I really need to do!

Monday, September 27, 2010

I've done nothing...

About a month ago I was all gung-ho about getting into shape. I've done nothing. Not only have I done nothing, my pants are getting too small. I bought tons of pants like 6 months ago and now only half are fitting. I think my lack of dating is killing my motivation for looking good. I don't date, I have no one to impress, so I just don't care.

This is not a good attitude to have. I should be trying to get into shape for me, but let's be honest, fitting into that hot little outfit is only a motivation if you have somewhere to wear that hot little outfit. Over the last few months I've felt like a big reject no one wants and looking hot only makes me feel worse. At least when I look like crap I can tell myself that's why I'm alone... HAHA.

Well... this is just lame. I know I have no time to exercise, but I also know if it becomes important to me I will make the time. *sigh*

What can I do to find some motivation for eating right and getting healthy?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So... Here's What Happened...

Feb. 2010

Clear back in February I was at work at a dinner theater we were hosting. I was talking to the husband of one of my coworkers. He's a personal trainer. I told him how I really wanted to lose a pant size because I have like 25 pair of size 10 pants and I'm now in a 12. After talking to me for a long time all about eating right, exercise, confidence in looks, etc. he said his suggestion to me was to just go buy a bunch of size 12 pants. He said I was confident in how I look and if the ONLY reason I wanted to drop a size was to fit into a bunch of pants that I wouldn't succeed because that isn't enough motivation. He was right. I like my looks. I like my curves. A size 12 is still a lot smaller than I've been in the past and it's a good steady size for me. I bought a bunch of size 12 pants and was as happy as a clam... I hear clams are pretty happy.

Let's fast forward to today. I think I've put on a little... nothing major. All my size 12s are fitting pretty nicely. I'm still happy with how I look AND THEN... I had to get an exam for my new life insurance policy and the lady took my weight. 190 FREAKIN' POUNDS!!! What the ??? I'm only 5'2! I'm the same pant size and pretty close to the same measurements as I was at 165-172 lbs. I wanted to throw the scale. So anyways... I'm dusting off this old blog *aaaahhhh choooo* and gonna see what I can do to lose a little of something or another. Here are a few current pics...

*sigh* Gym and salads here I come...

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I did really well this past week! I did two good work-outs and did great with my food! Woo-Hoo!

Measurements 1-21-10

Waist: 36 1/4"
Hips: 43 3/4"
R. Arm: 14"
L. Arm: 14 1/4"
R. Thigh: 25"
L. Thigh: 24 3/4"
Weight: 174

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I actually had a Saturday off! Wow! I'm still doing good on my eating, but I haven't worked out again yet. The kids even BEGGED me to take them to the track and walk tonight, but I'm still really sore and I'm SO enjoying the day off from work, so I promised I'd take them on Monday.

Food/Water from yesterday:

8am: banana & 8 oz chocolate milk
11:30am: celery & fat free dip
3:00pm: salad w/baked breaded chk patty, corn, cheese, salsa & ff sour cream
7:30pm: salad w/boiled egg, ham, cheese, craisins & ff Catalina dressing
10pm: banana
I drank lots and lots of water again! I felt very yucky and water logged... I swear I need bread to soak up the water in my tummy LOL

Food/Water today:

11am: two scrambled eggs w/cheddar cheese
12:30pm: "cutie" orange & 8 oz chocolate milk
5:30pm: bbq grilled chicken salad from Applebees
7pm: 1 chocolate kiss
9pm: herbal tea w/2 tsp sugar & small amount skim milk
I didn't drink as much water today, but I still drank at least 8 cups. After the yucky watery feeling of yesterday I decided to lay off just a bit.

Hooray for day three of healthy eating!

Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Been Forever!

I have SO slacked on this blog, but even worse than that I've slacked on being healthy, at all!

Instead of making this posting a confession time, I'm instead going to make this a I'm-back-on-the-wagon-and-from-here-on-out-going-to-be-better posting :)

Yesterday's Food/Water/Exercise:

8am- 8oz 1% chocolate milk & a banana
11:30am- romaine lettuce salad w/low fat ham, cheese, boiled egg, craisins & ff Catalina dressing
2:30pm- 30 minutes on exercise bike (did 6 miles of rolling hills), 15 minutes weight lifting
3:30pm- banana & boiled egg
4:30pm- 1 can Healthy Request soup
7:00pm- mug of Pero w/2 tsp sugar & a bit of skim milk
9:30pm- 4 celery stalks w/ff dip made of cream cheese, cottage cheese & sour cream
all day- drank lots and lots of water (and peed like every 30 minutes LOL)
10:30pm- did a bit of stretching

Measurements 1-14-10

Waist: 37"
Hips: 44"
R. Arm: 14"
L. Arm: 14 1/4"
R. Thigh: 25 1/4"
L. Thigh: 25"
Weight: 174

I seem to be right at my standard measurements... I sometimes go up and down, but when I'm not working out and eating right then this is where I am. I've packed healthy food for lunch and dinner again, so today should be another good day. I'm also planning on working out again tonight, even though I'm way sore.

I'm trying to avoid carbs for a week to work the cravings out of my body and then I'll introduce whole grains back in. Wish me luck!!!