Saturday, October 11, 2008

This Week

I've been pretty good this week. I did have one bad day (well... bad for me). On Thursday I didn't eat breakfast, I had 2 pop tarts and chocolate milk for lunch and a Cafe Rio salad for dinner. It wasn't horrible, but I should be eating better. I've also had a couple of dum-dum suckers this week.

Other than that I've been doing good. I really need to get back into the work-out mode. I've been crazy busy though and yes I'm STILL sick. It's all in my chest. Not fun at all. I haven't had much salad this week. I really need to buy some.

I've been craving pop really bad! I had an orange juice and a chocolate milk this week to try and get over the craving (even though they aren't water, it's better than carbonation) but it just hasn't worked. I want to splurge and have some Cherry Pepsi at my work Halloween party I'm throwing on Monday, but I won't because I need to be good, plus I need to be a good example for others watching what they're eating.

How's everyone else doing this week? Any tough cravings?

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Katie Webb said...

I had a horrible craving for pizza this week! But I did resist. I started a program called Fit Yummy Mummy. It has helped SO much with my eating habits. Its given me a completely different perspective on food. If you're interested give it a look. For 5 dollars you can get a 21 day trial. If you like it, its only another 35 dollars to keep it (its all online). OR, if you're really interested, I could burn it from my computer for you and mail it to you. Let me know.