Monday, October 6, 2008

Start of a New Week

Ok... I'm being totally brave and posting my measurements & pics for the week...

weight: 172
waist: 36 1/2
hips: 43 1/4
r. thigh 25 1/4
l. thigh 25 1/2
r. arm 14 1/4
l. arm 14 3/4

Arm measurements seem to fluctuate. I think it's because I probably don't hit the exact same spot every time. All of these measurements are a lot higher than I was in December-March, but lower than when I started a few weeks ago, so it's both bad and good. My weight back in March was 158. That's the last time I had weighed myself (I don't really care what I weigh).

I'm not really cramping with the cleanse any more, so that's good. I hope it's doing something.

I'm still sick. It's been forever and I just don't seem to be getting over it, so I haven't really worked out. I think that's why my measurements are the same as last week, but at least I'm maintaining even being sick. My hips are 1/4 inch smaller which makes me happy. I really wanna get to 35 inches on my waist by Halloween!!! I guess it's time to work out even being sick :( I'm still avoiding sweets. My will power is improving. I'm not really craving sweets or pop anymore.


REAL ME said...

YOu look so cute!!!

Shiloah Baker said...

Your pics are great! You must be taller than me cause my inches are close to yours but I weight less. I'm 5'1. I plan to post my inches soon. I finally got around to taking them. I am not happy with them, but I don't want to know what they were when I first started losing weight 30+ pounds ago! LOL!