Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Ya know how you're standing in line at the store and you're reading the magazine headlines and you think, man it's so crazy how they have the story on "You can lose 20 lbs in a week" right next to the story called "Top 10 Chocolate Cake Recipes"?

I was thinking today, I'm just like those magazines. I have my weight loss struggles blog and my American Homemaker blog. No wonder I'm fat...LOL. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook and bake (and eat).

Anyways.... just a random thought.


Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

haha!!! I hear ya! That is my biggest down fall....I love to cook and bake! I know there are low fat and low sugar recipes out there, but I like my good 'ol tried and true recipes!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey Angie good luck in your weight loss.I need to lose weight as well so maybe you will inspire me to kick it in gear..I too grew up in utah and am LDS..I am working on the 6th work and the glory book and can't put them down...thanks for visiting my blog giveaway...:)

Tereza said...

same here