Tuesday, October 21, 2008


As embarrassing as it is, I'm posting my weekly stats on the sidebar of my blog, along with the stats of my hubby and my friend, Ben. Anyone want to be humiliated with us??? I can add your stats too :)


Shiloah Baker said...

Is your hubby doing the cleanse too? Just curious. My hubby did it and I'm going to make him do a full cleanse when he comes home. I don't want any of those foreign things coming home with him. :) LOL

Angie said...

He wants to do it, but wanted to wait until he finished a military school he was going to this month. We'll probably start him soon. I'm scared of what will come out of him... lol. He's been to Iraq, Kuwait, Turkmenistan and who-knows where else. He actually got really sick with some evil stomach virus while overseas and was severely sick, so he could have all sorts of stuff still in him. My brother was joking he might find some weapons of mass destruction in his poo :)

Shiloah Baker said...

ROFL! Yep, my hubby had those! He also wanted to be careful when he does it cause schools can be restricting when it comes to ...the bathroom! LOL! Good luck!