Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekly Measurements

Well... nothing has changed measurement-wise... not surprising. I haven't been working out at all. I am ALMOST over my sickness though, finally after almost three weeks. It's down to a little cough now, so no more excuses. Time to eat better and work out!!!

I splurged last night at my work party. I didn't take the colon cleanse pills at all yesterday because I knew I'd be spending all night in the bathroom if I ate bad stuff while on them. I had dessert and Cherry Pepsi. I had been craving it for a while, so I decided to take a little break, but now I'm back on :) I even gave my chocolate-covered strawberries that came with my lunch today to my co-worker (they can go to HER hips...hehehe). After eating so much sugar and caffeine last night I couldn't sleep. I was up 'til about 2:30 am. I was sooo tired this morning.

I hope everyone has been more successful than I have the last couple of weeks :(

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