Monday, November 17, 2008

Taco Salad- The Healthy Way

I love salads, as long as they aren't made with iceberg lettuce. I won't eat it. It makes me sick. Anyways... this is what my yummy lunch looked like today.

Taco Salad

romaine lettuce
fat free vegetarian chili, warmed up
shredded cheese
low fat sour cream (I don't like fat free)

Layer it up and enjoy! Simple and delicious. I had a banana for dessert.

I did a 50 minute work-out this afternoon and 30 minutes tonight!

Breakfast: whole wheat toast w/pb & j
Snack: granola bar
Lunch: yummy salad & banana
Dinner: chicken tacos w/lettuce
Dessert: banana
Drink: lots and lots of water

1 comment:

Tereza said...

taco salad is actually quite healthy. I eat mione without sour cream and cheese cause I'm allergic which makes it even less calories and easily digestible!