Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another Workout!

Well... here I am posting that I did a 30 minute workout tonight while I eat an avocado sandwich at 11 pm... LOL. It's only avocado on roll... not too bad. Right? haha

I'm on a crappy schedule. I usually just take a granola bar or something to work. Then I wanna eat at 3 or 4 when I get home, so of course I'm not really hungry at dinner time. Then I get hungry later at night. Plus working out always makes me hungry. I need to put more of an effort into taking a lunch to work.

I picked up a lovely bunch of spinach at the Sunflower Market for almost nothing, so I'll be eating a delicious salad tomorrow for lunch. It's my day off (from work). I never get a day off from housework :(

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