Sunday, November 23, 2008

This Time Around

Last year I had total will power. I was awesome at saying no to unhealthy foods. I was working out all the time (same type of moderate work-outs). I was droppin' inches like crazy and I was feelin' like hot stuff. I mean seriously, I went from a 16 to a 10 in about 5 months! I was struttin' my stuff. Then around the first of the year I started to slack and I started to gain.

I think the reason I was so awesome last year is I was single. I mean Hello! if you're dating like crazy you don't wanna be fat. Then I got married, got the birth control shot and got fat again. I know the shot had a lot to do with it; birth control has always made me gain weight, but a lot of it was just my own attitude and will power. So I need to find my new motivation. I am no longer on the market, so being a nice lean cut of meat isn't it :) But I do have a great husband and he didn't marry a fatty. So I'm sick of doing this for me. LOL I'm happy stuffing my face and blogging instead of exercising. I'm doing it so I can look hot for him. So I can strut around and have confidence and fit back in that school girl costume I wore when we were first married. (Too much information, I know...LOL)

So... I know I'm gonna blow it this week. Sheesh it's Thanksgiving (although last year I didn't even eat pie). But I will work out at least four times this week and for the most part behave. Next week it's on! Bye-bye fatty!!!

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