Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Weight Struggle Story

Over at The American Homemaker I'm participating in the Ultimate Blog Party so I figured why not here too?

My name is Angie and I'm fat! (hi, angie) I'm been a bit of a slacker at eating healthy and exercising the last few months and what better motivation than knowing LOTS of people will be on my blog this week? I guess I better get crackin' LOL

So a little about me and my weight-loss saga... I spent years (Since I was 18 and had my first baby) hating how I looked, I tried eating healthy, killing myself with insane exersise, working with my doctor and nothing worked. I was severely depressed and my body would just not lose weight...

And then after my divorce in July 2007 I went from a size 16-18 to a size 10!!! I was happy, I was confidant, I was avoiding all sweets and drinking only water. I was doing moderate exercise. I felt great!!!

When I was remarried in January of '08 I got the birth control shot and a heck of a lot of stress added to my life! My weight/inches slowly came back. Here I am a year later...

Ok... I don't always have a cookie in my mouth, but I haven't taken a full body picture of myself since November. I'm a tight size 12 and trying to find time in an EXTREMELY hectic schedule to work out and trying to eat healthy while still keeping up with my love for baking, cooking and creating new recipes. Some weeks I do great and some I'm happy if I survived :)

Welcome to The American Homemaker's Healthy Me!

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