Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good Job Me

Today for breakfast I had 3 small pancakes topped with 1/2 a cup of applesauce and 8 oz of water. For lunch I had a salad made with 1/2 a head of romaine, 2 strawberries, a tuna-fish-sized can of chicken breast and light Catalina dressing w/ 16 oz of water. For snacks I had a Fiber One granola bar and a 100 calorie bag of chex mix. I had 8 oz of water this afternoon. For dinner I ate 2 cups of vegetable soup, 2 small rolls and 16 oz of water. 1/3 c. of dried fruit was dessert. Still doin good food-wise :) I was craving lots of junk today at Walmart, but it's just because they put lots of candy bars and stuff into a vintage package and I was drawn to them. I think I just wanted to buy them to look at more than eat. I also really wanted a small york peppermint patty that was in the candy dish on Whitney's desk today, but I resisted. I think I need to make sure I have a bread item with lunch, because 2 hours after I had my salad I was pretty hungry.

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