Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We had our box office Christmas party today at work, so I was worried I'd eat a ton of junk, but I didn't do too bad so far today . I made sure to bring a spinach salad along with my brownies so I'd have at least one healthy item at lunch. I even sent the leftover brownies home with a friend so I wouldn't be tempted later. I did save one for each of my kids though :)

two eggs, two pieces whole wheat toast

lots and lots of spinach salad, one small Nutella brownie, two pieces of zucchini bread

45 minutes of abs, arms and cardio while I watched Supernatural (I got season 3 for only $15 on Black Friday)

Who knows... LOL something with turkey burger since that's what I thawed out; I'm off to make dinner right now :)


Jen said...

wahoo! Good job on making it through the potluck. We just have to continue to make it through one potluck at a time and we will be okay, right :)

Your an inspiration!

Jen, a priorfatgirl

Marisa said...

You sent brownies away???? Way to go!!! I love brownies-they are my kryptonite. And with Nutella?! Forget about it!