Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I worked out for 10 minutes this morning before work and 30 minutes tonight. I didn't eat anything that's bad for me and I drank lots of water!

I had a man-I-wish-I-wouldn't-have-gotten-fat-again moment today. I had to go get my new military id card today, since mine was expired. I had never been in the building before and was already feeling really lost and out of place. I've only been a military wife since January.

After having to stop and ask two different people where to go, I finally found the room. There were already people in there, so I waited in the chairs right outside. I glanced in and went "Oh Crap". I then texted my hubby and said, "I dated the guy doing the id cards. Can I just bail and leave?" Hubby of course thought that was the funniest thing ever. He proceeded to text me things like. "ha ha ha" "Why don't you get his number?" and "Maybe he'll take you out tonight." Yes it cracked him up. I felt really stupid. Especially because this guy is really hot & I've put on weight in the last year and my weight is listed on my stupid id card, plus I just look fatter. It shouldn't matter, but I was totally embarrassed. The guy said hi when I walked in and then looked at me funny and said, "You look really familiar. Did I do your card for you last time?" I debated on whether or not I should pretend like I didn't know him. But then I thought it would probably come to him sooner or later and I'd feel really dumb. So I told him we had gone on a date. I didn't mention to him that we had also chatted online a ton and talked on the phone for hours (online dating). I figured if he didn't remember me, I wasn't gonna bring it up. He got embarrassed that he didn't remember and brought it up several times when I was getting my card.

Anyways... Point of the story is I wish I could've been like "Yeah Baby... Look what you missed out on!" and instead I wanted to hide. I dated A LOT in the few months I was single. I dated more each week than most people do in a month. I better get into shape before I run into anymore guys... LOL.

On a side note... my hubby was looking into getting a job at the headquarters here in Utah and I told him I had dated a guy that works there (90% of the guys I dated were military) and I told him I'd be embarrassed if they met. Hubby was like, "there's like a thousand people that work there, like I'd ever meet him." So if there's a thousand people that work there, why is it my luck that the only person I know is the only person I have to deal with? LOL


Shiloah Baker said...

Awww...well I think you should strut your stuff whether you gained weight or not. Weight isn't an indicator of what kind of awesome women we are! And now you're taken meaning someone else thought you were hot- feel it too!

I'm working on being the hot mama my hubby thinks I am even after having his seven kids! LOL!

Angie said...

The thing that really makes me feel dumb it was only a year ago. I met my husband and married him pretty much right away.

Then I got fat :(

I was dating people and then they'd call me up or text me and I was like... um... I got married. There were a lot of confused guys out there.

The worst part is I had a soldier in Iraq I was "waiting" for. Now I'm one of those crappy girls. Oh well... I think most soldiers have a story of the girl that left them while they were deployed, now he has his.

Angie said...

I should say, I got fat again... I have always been fat, then I lost quite a bit after my divorce.

Bunny Trails said...

Yah know, you can't always pick who you fall in love with...stuff happens! It's tough being with someone who is deployed often.... I dated a SEAL for years and just couldn't take it any longer!

You are beautiful from the inside out. Stick your chest out (another way to make em jealous - LOL) and show em just how wonderful of a girl they are missing!