Thursday, October 30, 2008

Working Out & Mindless Rambling

I did a 40 minute work-out yesterday afternoon. I've been so tired lately, that after my work-out, I just stayed there on the floor and almost fell asleep. Then when I got up, my back was killing me from doing leg-lifts and then just staying flat on my back for a while.

It's my day off (from work, not from and I am totally taking a nap this morning. I've been looking forward to it all week. It's the first time in a long time I've had a day not completely scheduled out.

Yesterday I ate a bagel w/cream cheese for breakfast with some herbal tea. Not the healthiest choice. For lunch I had a sandwich on whole wheat bread. It had turkey, cheese & spinach on it. After work I had a quesadilla with spinach and cheese. Dinner last night was taco soup which is healthy, but then I had a piece of amish friendship bread last night. I guess my eating isn't totally horrible, but once again it could be better. I had whole wheat pancakes this morning.

I have been avoiding sweets & desserts along with pop (which is really hard). The working out isn't too bad. I always put it off, but once I'm doing it, it's not bad. I rarely watch tv. I have three shows I watch, ever, and I'm always go, go, go, but working out forces me to chill if that makes sense. I watch some mindless tv (like Inside Edition) while I work out. I think it's good not only for my body to get the excersise, but also for my mind to focus on nothing for a bit. I haven't been working out during my regular tv shows, because I like sitting on the couch and relaxing during them. I also like having that extra bit of mind-relaxation while my body is not relaxing during other shows. I'm pretty sure I'm rambling on and not making a lick of sense. Let's just say I'm extremely stressd out and getting close to a breaking point and for my mental health along with my physical health, working out is good for me :)

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