Monday, December 8, 2008


I was gonna grab my paper with my measurements on it as I ran out the door so I could post them at work, but I spaced it (along with three other things I was gonna bring to work). I am really excited though... my waist is back down to 35"!!! I must've been all bloated with pie and sweet potatoes last week... LOL

I brought baby cucumbers and carrots to work again to eat at lunch-time so I don't go home starving. It's totally making a difference. I love buying the huge things of veggies at Costco. I hate wasting food which means I eat lots so I don't have to throw them away. Thursday I bought a big thing of baby cucumbers, a 5 lb bag of baby carrots, bananas and a big ol' thing of baby spinach... gotta love the babies :) so my fridge is stocked.


Nina said...

Yay! Your down to 35 inch waist. I am slowly working on getting my waist smaller.

So when you take the cucumbers and carrots to work do you eat them plain or with some type of low cal dressing?

Angie said...

I just eat them plain :) I take a bagful and everyone at work munches them with me.