Thursday, May 28, 2009


Stress and more stress! That's what I'm feeling all day every day! How am I supposed to lose weight or exercise or have the desire to eat healthy when I'm SO SO STRESSED!!!

I tried to pack my scale away today, but it wouldn't fit in the box I was working on. LOL Every time I walk into my room I see that dang pink scale and it haunts me and I'm not even the type of person that weighs myself, ever. I'm more a measurements gal, but just seeing the scale reminds me of how much I'm slacking. I had been doing really good at squeezing in 20-30 minutes of exercise a day and then last Thursday I had a really, really bad day, some crap happened and the depression hit and it threw me off my exercise groove. It's been a week now and although I've had more ups than downs the last couple of days I still haven't gotten back on track. It's time to recommit. I know I can squeeze in 20 minutes a day. I was doing so good. Time to do good again. I have been making a few good choices food-wise, but I'm still slacking. I can do better, I know it!!!