Thursday, December 11, 2008


As I said, I'm totally tracking today since I don't wanna fall too far off the wagon. So here are my lunch stats:

2 small tortillas, fresh spinach, cheese and a south-west dressing, topped with a bit of low fat sour cream... it all made a really yummy quesadilla. I also had a baby cucumber and dessert, which was a banana, fat free vanilla pudding and fat free cool whip, all served in a pretty glass dessert dish :)

I did my work-out. I'm happy I got it out of the way today. My tummy is totally bloated from stress though. I couldn't even come close to zipping up the pants I wanted to wear today, and I wear them all the time :(


Marisa said...

Yummy quesadilla!

Hang in there; I know your pain - I'm a stress/emotional eater, too. During those times, try and eat something healthful but really yummy tasting to you. Something with lots of flavor. Sometimes that helps keep the munchies away.

moonduster said...

That quesadilla looks really yummy!