Saturday, October 25, 2008

This Weekend

Well... I had chocolate cake yesterday :( and I haven't had much for veggies this weekend so far. I did have my spinach salad on Thursday. It wasn't great. I think it's because it was regular spinach with the stems on it. I think the stems traumatize me... LOL. It reminded me of the first time I gave Caleb a salad made from spinach. He looked at it and said "I don't eat leaves". I tried to tell him lettuce is leaves too. He didn't believe me. I think I need to cut the stems off next time. Don't know why it bugged me.

I did a 20 minute work-out tonight. It was pretty good. I avoided lots of junk today at work. I've been drinking quite a bit of water today, which is really good, because yesterday I drank hardly any and then I was so thirsty I bought a Dr. Pepper at the pizza place. It was bad.

I guess I've been so-so. I'll do much better this coming week :)

The cleanse still seems to be doing something, I almost didn't make it to the bathroom twice today at work. I worked all day, from 10-10. I usually take the first dose when I first wake up, and then I take the second when I get off work (usually around 3 or 4) and then I take the last dose right before bed. When I work all day, I don't take a mid-day dose. This schedule seems to work for me. I'm really hoping I'll get rid of some yucky stuff and have more energy when I'm done.

I've been drinking herbal tea when I get hungry at night. I add a bit of sugar to it, but it's not as bad as if I was eating something. It helps me feel full and adds more good liquid to my diet.

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