Monday, September 15, 2008

Sept 15th

I did pretty good today. I didn't have any junk, although I did eat a small piece of cake after dinner for my brother's birthday. I made it with dried fruit and whole wheat flour though, so it wasn't any worse than a muffin. I worked my abs for 10 minutes this morning and 20 minutes last night. They are so sore. I'm going to do another work-out tonight. I haven't had that much water today, so I need to drink more, but overall it was a good day :)

My goal is to lose an inch to 2 inches on my waist by Halloween! I know I can do it!

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REAL ME said...

One thing that has helped me with the water. I bought a cute 32 oz water bottle. I fill it up at night before bed and take it out in the morning. I try to drink it all before noon. Then, again I fill it up and drink by 6. I am atleast getting my 64 oz.

I took a Dance class at my gym and it was funnnn but torture. Who would of knew. Then, I took a ball class. I worked out about an hour. Hannah was at pre-K and baby kyle loves their nursery.