Sunday, September 14, 2008

So Sad

I measured myself yesterday, and my waist is back where it was before I started losing weight. My hips, thighs and arms are still smaller, although they also have grown. I will not eat anymore sweets. I did it last year and I can do it again. Also, no pop, juice or lemonade. Just water to drink.

I exercised last night for about 30 minutes. My tummy and thighs are sore. Yeah!

For breakfast today I had a granola bar, a banana and a bottle of water. Lunch was a big bowl of vegetable soup, 2 pieces of whole grain bread and a slice of monterrey jack cheese w/ of course another bottle of water. It was very filling. I know you don't have to ever be hungry to lose weight. I'm drinking more water as we speak. (or as I type)

Once I go off of sweets, the sugar in other things generally satisfies my sweet tooth. I especially love dried fruit or smoothies. After a few weeks of no sweets, I will get sick if I have any at all, even a bite makes my stomach churn. It's kinda nice. It takes away the want.

Well... I'm off to do a little work-out :)

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