Monday, April 18, 2011

{Falling off & getting back On}

I have fallen off the wagon and gained weight back and I am feeling super depressed about it along with other stuff going on in my life I  am finding myself struggling with eating healthy. My kids are noticing and calling me out on it, which I love and hate at the same time. I know what I am doing wrong and know that I need to get back on track and get this icky weight off my bod! *sigh*

I am trying to get my house into order, feeling like such a slacker 'specially after seeing all Angie's progress on her place but I try to keep reminding myself that she is Wonder Woman in disguise. I did get my husbands "man cave" done but no one but his friends see it and I want to get the places people see done.

Anywho, I just wanted to let you know I was still here, still off the wagon but trying to pick myself up and jump back up on the weight loss wagon. It's just a struggle right now and emotionally exhausting. I do love reading about all your progress, hope to see more in the upcoming weeks.