Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 7th

I haven't been keeping very good track :( The last week and a half I was terrible at eating. Ken was in town and we ate out quite a bit and we ate lots of junk. No more! Yesterday I did pretty well. I was running errands in the morning, so I only had water. At about 11:30 I had soup and water. For snacks at work I had a banana, a chex mix 100 calorie pack and honey wheat pretzels. I had cereal for dinner. I did eat a couple of small cookies last night to try them. Bad, Bad. Today I should be better. I measured myself. I lost an inch on my waist and gained an inch on my hips. Arms and thighs stayed the same, although the same is much higher than they were in January or even March. Time to do better. We will be training to do a 5K walk. The extra walking should do the whole family some good. We need the exercise.

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