Friday, January 30, 2009


I finally took my measurements today. They've improved a little since last time I took them (the 12th) so that's good. I haven't worked out, so I thought they'd get worse.

I'm making a goal this week to include 90 minutes of exercise sometime this week. I'm crazy, crazy busy, so that might just be 15 minutes here and there, but I need to work out. 90 minutes is what a lot of people do in a day, but it's not possible for me to squeeze much in at all so it's my weekly goal :) Once the play I'm directing is done then I should be able to go back to my daily work-outs!


weight: 167
waist: 35 3/4
hips: 43
r thigh: 24 3/4
l thigh: 24 3/4
r arm: 13 3/4
l arm: 14 1/2

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Food Today

big glass of Pero
granola bar
string cheese
Healthy Choice frozen chicken & rice meal
homemade chicken noodle soup... yum!
corn muffin

You can see, besides the cookies, I did really well today. Yesterday I did pretty well too :)


I was uploading cookie pictures for my other blog and caught a glimpse of myself in the web cam. I thought I'd snap a pic and share the moment with all of you. Thank goodness those cookies are gone!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Week, New Start and A Couple of Bubbles Burst

Yesterdays food:
bowl of cheerios w/skim milk
big bowl of minestrone soup
2 slices french bread

Bubble #1- I was mentioning to my hubby that I did great all week, but blew it on the weekend. I was feeling pretty good about the week overall until my hubby said, "If you blow it on the weekend you ruin everything you did all week. You probably did more damage than if you just wouldn't have tried at all." *POP* So then I felt like crap. Thanks hubby :(

Bubble #2- So, my morning today has been insanely crazy. But a food highlight of it was when I got up to make french toast for my kids. They love french toast and I rarely make it. I used whole wheat bread of course, which isn't as good as white, but healthier. It's been months since I've made french toast so I thought they'd be all excited. My daughter walks in the kitchen, "Nikee (her dads' girlfriend) made french toast for dinner last night with french bread and homemade syrup that was the best I've ever had." *POP* Well... I pretty much wanted to throw my french toast out the window. So much for doing something nice for my kids. And Nikee probably used my recipe for the stupid homemade syrup because I know Matt has it in a cookbook I made.

Anyways.... This week I'm gonna try and do good all week, even on the weekend.