Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Whoa, this is hard!

The last time I did something like this, I lost weight really quickly, and it seemed quite easy. This time, not so much. Yesterday a whole load of stress hit me at once and I lost my focus. Yes, I admit it, I fell off the wagon on the first day... I am so ashamed!

But I picked up the pieces of my shattered diet and started over today. I did great! The hardest part is remembering to drink lots of water. I keep on forgetting because I get distracted. Does anyone have ideas on how to remember to drink water?

This first week I am concentrating on eliminating junk food and unnecessary snacks. Next week I am going to begin adding in healthy snacks. I am still trying to figure out the best way to motivate me to exercise. I am always moving, busy with school, work, and so many other things, but just not exercising. I gave away all my exercise videos a while back and I don't have the time or money to join a gym. I wonder if Wii Fit would work? My sister has it and I might try it sometime.

I am so grateful that I have this group to work with! It is so nice to have others to talk to and to see that we are in it together! Thanks Angie for all your hard work putting this group together. It is great motivation and I am glad to have all the support and help!


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The American Homemaker said...

I think the only way I remember to drink water is I don't allow myself to drink anything else and I drink a lot with my meals. During the winter I forget to drink it all day, but I tend to drink 16-32 oz with each meal (crazy).

I know a lot of people love the wii fit. I can't afford it, even though I have a wii... so a kick-butt $9 dvd it is! I have a few work out dvds and I've tried several, but this one is brutal and its only 20 minutes.