Monday, January 3, 2011

REALLY? Bravery or Stupidity... You choose

I started this 6 in 6 challenge kind of selfishly... I need support and motivation from friends to lose weight to look fabulous in a 1950's wedding dress this fall.  But what better way to get that support and motivation than from losing weight along side friends who are real people just like me?

This is my inspiration dress!  I'm going to have one custom made for me in white!  I know they'll make it in my size, but how awesome would that be to have a waist that is closer to 30" than 40"???

November 2010
I tend to dress pretty flattering (as we all should) so although you can tell I need to lose a few pounds, you can't tell really how big I am!

December 2010

December 31, 2010

But then I step on a scale and I go YIKES!  I definitely need to lose more than a few pounds.  Most of you know I don't lose pounds easily and my weight is pretty high for my height (5'2) and measurements... so my weight-loss goal has nothing to do with weight and everything to do with inches.

My starting measurements as of December 31st, 2010 are:

Hips- 44 1/2
Waist- 37 1/2
Arms- 14 1/4
Thighs- 25 1/4
Weight- somewhere around 180ish

My goal is to lose 6" on my waist and hips in 6 months... I'd love to lose 6" on each, but even a combined 6" would be amazing!

Now you can see where I really need to lose!  Flattering clothes hide a lot, but when it comes down to it, I really need to lose a lot of inches and firm up!  I'm worried not only about the wedding, but the honeymoon!  DOUBLE YIKES!

I'm blessed to gain and lose weight pretty evenly.  I don't know that I have one trouble area, it's kind of an all over weight issues.  When I gain, I gain everywhere, my legs, arms, tummy, etc all gain weight evenly, which is nice because I'm proportionate, but frustrating because that means my arms are too big for a lot of shirts and my calves are too big for all those awesome boots I keep trying on.  I find myself lucky to not have big belly rolls, but I do have back rolls!  Icky!

I bought a new exercise video over the weekend.  I'll be trying it out tonight... even though I know I won't want to after working all day and then running errands.  I ate a good breakfast of 2 scrambled eggs on one slice of 100% whole wheat toast sprinkled with a bit of cheddar cheese and 16oz of water.  I was off to a good start, but realized I forgot to pack a lunch.  Dang it!  I don't want to wait until tonight to eat so I'll have to grab a bite somewhere... It's hard to make good choices while eating out; even salads are loaded with unhealthiness.  Wish me luck!

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Kim said...

You can do it Angie! I'm blogging about losing weight too. I just started on the 1st.