Monday, January 3, 2011

First Day

Well, it was my first official day starting over with my diet. I got on the scale and I was up a pound from the last time I weighed myself. That was very frustrating for me, but knowing that I have a goal & a team to keep me motivated gave me some hope instead of the usual hopelessness I have felt when I have fluctuated. When it came to eating I think I did pretty well. I didn't have any sweets today (I even moved some chocolate covered pretzels to a coworkers desk where I couldn't see them to get them away from my temptation) and I tracked all I ate so I know what is going in; I hope that this will help me adjust as needed. I do know that I need to add more veggies and water. I had intended to start my ab exerciser tonight when I got home but I got hit with life as soon as I walked in the door so it didn't happen. I guess 1/2 is not bad for the first day. My goal for tomorrow is both food and exercise. I hope everyone had a good day today with their goal! Keep up the good work!


The American Homemaker said...

A pound is nothing! That's why I use a 1960s scale... It's not accurate so a pound or two won't even register LOL

Good job on tracking your food!

Kim said...

I think it's great that you had the sense to move the chocolate covered pretzels! Good thinking!

Sally said...

Marci, you are awesome! Keep up the good work!