Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 4: Feeling a Little Better

breakfast today
 I did another full work out last night.  I don't think it's getting any easier yet and my knees are sore, but I did it!  The stupid trainer on the video (dang her for making me work hard! lol) says that you'll notice a difference in endurance in sessions 5, 6 and 7.  I'm hoping! Caleb walked passed the living room while I was working out. He shouted, "Go Mother, don't give up! You can do it! I love you!"  What better motivation?  Caleb is such a good boy.  He could have laughed at my attempted push-ups (I even struggle with the girl kind) but instead he saw me struggling and cheered me on.  I'm so proud of my boy!

For breakfast today I had 2 scrambled eggs with 1 oz of cheese and a mug of Pero, which has basically no value except the 2 tsp of sugar and little bit of skim milk in it.  I also had a glass of water.  I've started getting in the habit of eating while I put on my makeup.  I haven't been getting out of bed very early lately... basically climbing out of bed when it's time to take the kids to school and then climbing back in until the absolutely last minute of getting up and getting ready for work.  It's not a good habit to be in, but I'm emotionally drained these days which means I'm physically drained too.

new stripper shoes
This is not weight-loss related, but I bought these sweet shoes yesterday at a thrift store for $5.  I love them.  I guess they are weight-loss related in the fact I want to look amazing wearing them!

Hopefully by the time the ice and snow thaws I'll not only have a place to wear them, but I'll be looking better in them too!

I only ate one!

Here's what I did yesterday:

Breakfast- oatmeal, skim milk, peach sauce, brown sugar and water
Lunch- nuts, 1 oz reduced fat cheese, orange, fruit snack, water
Dinner- One slice pizza with chicken, ham, tomatoes and mushrooms, water
Snack- One mini cupcake (and a lick of the batter *hanging head in shame*)  I had to try out a new recipe for a cooking class I'm teaching
Work Out- 20 minutes 30 Day Shred

I love reading what all my 6 in 6 peeps are doing!  Good job everyone!


No Ordinary Me said...

That darn spoon and spatula with batter. It is such a wonderful thing. SMILES!

Those shoes are totally you!!!!

How do you like the 30 day shred?

No Ordinary Me said...

By the way I linked you from my health blog. I think what you are doing is great.

Bella said...

Everyone needs a Caleb to cheer them on. Love the shoes.

Kim said...

That's what the nut cups were for! Neat idea! Did you have to use a mini muffin tin to make those?

The American Homemaker said...

Kim- You just set them on a cookie sheet... it rocks!

Daryl Shaun Price said...

I think you should have made pink no bake cheesecake tarts with a strawberry slice on top, but I guess those are ok too!! ;)