Thursday, January 6, 2011

The only guy man enough to do 6 in 6!!

Ok after 4 days I am feeling the cravings for a greasy taco pirata!!! I even had a good friend call and ask if I had one lately. Curses to tempting friends!! For those who don't know, a taco pirata is a taco with a homemade tortilla, beef fajita, refried beans , and melted cheese. Oh and everything is made with lard.

Anyhow I have been weighing myself, eating lots of tuna, and exercising a bit more every day. I am very happy to announce that I started at 238 and this morning my scale said 233.5!! The lowest I ever weighed (as an adult) was 165 when I got off my mission. The doctors say my ideal is 185, but I look like a bean pole at that weight, so 210 would be comfy for me. Maybe then I can get away with wearing pleated khakis and have a non baggy shirt tucked in!! :-)


The American Homemaker said...

I will never talk to you in pleated pants and tucked in shirts ;)

Good job on the weight-loss! Bad job on making me crave lardy tacos!

Daryl Shaun Price said...

Pshaw!! You just haven't seen me in my sexy pleats! ;)

Shelly Loveridge said...

YAY for you!!!!! I need motivation!!
And there is no way pleated pants ever looked good on any guy. Just sayin!

No Ordinary Me said...

Great job.

Bella said...

Good for the weight loss. Bad for the pleated pants idea.