Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A background on me...

I have struggled with my weight most of my life. I was always the chubby kid at school.Not really fat but enough to be teased. I remember in 7th and 8th grade all the girls shopped at 5,7, 9 and they only sold up to a size 9. I could wear the 9's sometimes and it sucked not being able to shop where all the other girls did. Another of those bad memories was a crush I had on a boy in 8th grade. One of my friends told him and he wrote a note back saying that I was shaped like a potato and he drew a picture of a potato with legs. :(
OK, so anyway I lost weight the summer before 9th grade and was about a size 7 or so. I was about 120 pounds which was a good weight for me.

I was good all through high school. Then I got married at 18 (bad idea all around) and got up to 145 in a matter of months. Then just kept gaining and gaining. It was never ending. I reached a high point of 185 and that was sufficient to scare me. So I started eating an almost vegetarian diet with lots of natural foods. I lose about 25 pounds then me and the husband separated. I moved back to Georgia from Oregon and moved in with my parents.

Amazingly I did not gain any weight back. I guess I was too depressed to eat.
I then decided to join the Air Force Reserves. I really started working on the weight and even started running everyday. Sometimes twice a day.
As soon as I got down to the Air Force limit I went to the recruiters office.

All of that kind of blurs in my mind. It happened quickly and before I knew it I was at Lackland Air Force Base in basic training. It was wonderful!
Of course I lost even more weight running all day long and doing push ups every few minutes! I got back down to a nice and toned 120. Oh it was amazing.

Hmm, I wonder if TSgt Johnson is available to be a personal trainer!!!!!!

Ok so graduated basic and moved on to tech school. Oh my... we had vending machines in our dorms, ice cream in the chow hall and all kinds of junk while we were in classes.

So yea I got back up to 140 in a couple of months. And have been gaining ever since.
I am now inactive reserve but have played with the idea if I ever get in shape going back in.

HEre is a pic of me after basic training. I had already gained back about 10 pounds. But wow.. I want to be back to that weight. :)


I did manage to stay around 160-170 for the longest time til oh maybe 2 years ago or so then I moved in with Jason(my then boyfriend.. now hubby) and apparently gave up completely on weight loss. I started drinking regular soda instead of diet, ate whatever the heck I wanted every day and did VERY little int he way of activity. Before too long I was at 200 pounds.


At this time last year we were putting the finishing touches on our wedding planned for Jan 23. During this time I had managed to lose around 10 pounds so I would look a little better in my dress. Then my dad unexpectedly passed away just 6 days before our wedding date. That was beyond devastating. We postponed the wedding til Feb 20 and I gained back that 10 pounds.
Since we married I have gained another 8.


I just rejoined Weight Watchers and my first weigh in was 208.6. My 2nd weigh in will be today and I hope for good news. :)
My eating has been ok. I really need to work on the fitness part. My goal is to do a Leslie Sansone walk at home DVD 3 times a week and some Wii Fit stuff 5 times a week.
So here I am disgusted with my body and myself for allowing this to happen.

Ok so I am now ready to get on the ball (both literally and figuratively) and do this thing! :)


PS: Sorry for the way too big pics... Gotta figure out how to re-size.


The American Homemaker said...

It was really cool to see your history! I know you're gonna do great!

The American Homemaker said...

and I fixed your pics... if you click on the picture while posting you can choose the size :)

Amy M said...

TY for fixing the pics. :)
I am super excited about this. I will post my weigh in results later today. :)

Arya said...

I bet you had a great weigh in! I look forward to hearing about it.