Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bat glass

One of the things I want to do is start drinking more water. Not because I'm supposed to but because I want to. I know that probably doesn't make sense but I really hate being told I need to do something or should do something. So it has to be MY idea to want to drink more water. In support of that today, I found a purple Halloween glass with bats on it. Perfect. I figure if that is all it takes to get me to drink more water, it was .50 well spent. And if it doesn't work - well I can always put my Diet Coke in it. Because y'all I am not giving up my Diet Coke. Nope, not a chance, no way. It is my treat. Sometimes it is my sanity saver.

So on to the other stuff. Food choices were good today: Breakfast - 3 egg whites, 1/2 of a whole wheat English muffin and yep, Diet Coke. Okay so that wasn't the greatest but it does make me much easier to get along with first thing in the morning. Lunch - grilled cheese on rye, tomato soup and tea. Ha! You thought I was going to say Diet Coke, didn't you? Supper (where I'm from it is called supper always) - lentil soup, the other half of the whole wheat English muffin and okay, okay, I confess, Diet Coke. My snack tonight was almonds and water in the bat glass.

I walked my 45 minutes tonight at a speed that wouldn't impress a slow snail. But I walked it and I will speed up and PPPPFFFFTTTT to that slow snail if he laughs at me as he is passing me on by.


Kim said...

I think that it's fun to have a special glass to drink out of and if that's what it takes for you to drink your water, then go for it! Have you tried crystal light? I sometimes drink that and count it as my water. If I'm getting sick of water and want something else that has a taste. :) Maybe you could do that and mix in some sparkling water for a bubbly treat!

The American Homemaker said...

Good job! Except for that dang poisonous diet coke. LOL

Drinking all water is tough... I crave my beloved Cherry Coke and Dr. Pepper.