Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eating like a Hobbit

Hi, I'm Velda, I'm a geek and a mom, and my goals are two-fold: lose (and maintain the loss of) 15-20 more pounds, and find some ways to exercise that are so enjoyable, they don't feel like exercise at all.

Anyway. I feel bad that I'm not going about this in the most healthy way, but I did the HCG diet before and it worked well. So I'm doing it once more. Today is Loading Day 1 and I am eating quite a bit. I felt like Bilblo Baggins as I went after a "second breakfast" this morning. I'll load again tomorrow, and then start the VLCD, which is how hobbits eat when they're out on an adventure, right? ;-) Will let you know how it goes.


The American Homemaker said...

I don't really know anything about hobbits! LOL But you gotta lose in any way that works for you.

Sally said...

Velda, you are awesome! I love your LOTR references. Keep up the good work and let me know how HCG works!