Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Man, aerobics class kicked my butt today! That's a good thing though. People are getting a lot more used to seeing me there and are cheering me on, which I appreciate. Being the biggest person in the class is always fun. :) I actually inspired a neighbor of mine to come to the class too!! Pretty awesome!!

I was previously weighing myself everyday, but it's messing with my head a little too much to not be seeing any change in the scale at all. So, I'm going to be doing my weigh ins on Saturdays. I've been really good about counting all of my foods and have stayed within my points everyday. I'm feeling great about this!!


Amy M said...

Great job Kim! SO you are doing WW? Are you doing the Pointsplus plan?

The American Homemaker said...

hooray for weekly weigh-ins!!! I think they're the best way to go... it's too stressful do it daily!

I always hated being the biggest in classes at the gym. When I switched to water aerobics I was the smallest. That was nice! LOL

you're going great!!!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

I'm not doing the points plus plan. I'm not actually going to meetings or even paying to do it online either. I just found some info online and since I've been to weight watchers meetings before, I already know everything they would tell me. LOL, so I made up my own "weight watchers". I don't mind using the regular points system though, it works!

Bella said...

I know what you mean about the daily weigh-ins. Once a week for me too. You could always call what you are doing with the points - Kim Points. I know, lame, but my brain is frozen right now and being creative just isn't working for me at the moment.