Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So this is why I never kept up a blog...

I am so bad at remembering to post! Geesh. Sorry about that. I did want to update you guys on my Weight Watchers Weigh in last week. I lost 3.6 pounds!!!
I am weighing in tomorrow for this week.
I got a bit off the wagon over the weekend. OOPS. But I am back on track now.
This morning I had a bowl of All Bran cereal and an apple. I love that fruit is now zero points on WW but I do feel a bit guilty eating a whole apple and not counting it.
I have so far only done one of my Leslie Sansone Dvd's. It was a 2 miler and it was GREAT! I am going to do another today.

I will try to remember to post more! I promise! And Angie Kudos to you for keeping up 2 blogs!!! You rock!


The American Homemaker said...

good job on the 3 1/2lbs!!!

and I have a lot more than two blogs... I'm not keeping up on all of them :(

Kim said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I love the leslie sansone dvds too!

Bella said...

3.6 - good job.