Wednesday, January 12, 2011


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My lovely scale was MURDERED today by my husband, not on purpose but killed none the less. While he was taking a shower he didn't have the curtain closed properly and water got all over the floor and flooded my scale, which now will not work at all and I can't go out and get another one until next month, *sigh*.

This death has kinda got me bummed because now I can't weigh in every Friday on my blog or keep track of my weight loss/gain, (mostly gain 'cause I'm not eating like I should). At least I can take my measurements so I guess I will be putting those up instead on Fridays (wonder how that will work).

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I have been stressed out by random things this whole month, first it's not having a visit from "Aunt Flow" and it's freaking me out because that never happens after childbirth, it always comes right away and now it's not and I had a tubal and worried I may be "with child" after planning we were done and taking measures to make sure it didn't happen. Then my middle son saying swear words and putting other kids down and or kicking them while riding the bus (my son is turning into a bully and I don't like it!). Then it's the stress of not having everything unpacked and in the right spots and the list goes on and on and on!

Tonight was stressful because MJ was screaming at the top of her little lungs for 3 hours until hubby came home and the first thing I did was head for was the chocolate cookies, but I only ate 4 of those but ate a thick slice of german chocolate cake BUT afterwards I did have a drumstick and I have drunk 4 sports bottles of water (within those 3 hours) since dropping off hubby at his game.

I did get a balance ball to do my workouts with and I have some weights (3,5 and 8 pounders). I haven't been walking since last week because it's been way toooooooo cold for me, (I'm a wimp). Hopefully I get back onto track (when I was preggers with MJ it was easy to watch what I ate because I was growing her and I need to do the same since I am breastfeeding her too but for some reason I just can't drop the sweets this go around...*sigh*).

I am glad I am accountable but at the same time I am feeling like a disappointment because I am not doing or being the "BEST" I can be at this and it's beginning to drag me down, could also be because I know I am experiencing some "baby blues" still and it's harder to shake the stress/emotional eating and sad feelings I may have. BUT I know I can do this, it just might take a bit more time for me to get into the swing of things this go around.

Thank you all for your support, I have been reading the daily updates from you all and am LOVING them, you ALL are an inspiration!!


Kim said...

I had a baby a little over 4 months ago and also got a tubal and I still haven't gotten my monthly visit. I'm also breastfeeding, but not exclusively. I know what you mean about being a little freaked out about that! I'm afraid to take a test too.

The American Homemaker said...

Arya... you may not be doing the "best" in your mind, but you are doing the best you can right now! I understand the stress... I'm freaking out about a million things right now too! We can do it! Ditch the sweets! You don't need them in your house... your kids don't need them and your hubby doesn't need them. It's so hard when you're stressed and that stuff is in the house (((hugs)))

Hedgetoad said...

Hang in there!