Sunday, March 1, 2009


Yes, I am a slacker :(

Although yesterday when we went out to eat I desperately wanted a burger and fries... but instead I ordered a chicken/steak/steamed veggies bowl with brown rice since I had eaten nachos and chocolate cake the night before. I thought I better not blow it too much two days in a row.

Last night for dinner I had a turkey and swiss on whole wheat and some bbq beans. Not too bad yesterday.

I'm so sad that my clothes are getting too small for me. I really need to start losing again. It's depressing how big the pile of clothes is that I can no longer squeeze into. I haven't seen my hubby since the first of January and he's gonna be very disappointed when he sees me in three weeks and realizes how fat I am.

For anyone who's curious, the dvd I'm doing is called 10 Minute Solution... Dance Off Fat Fast. And I swear the girl is a stripper... LOL So, not only will I learn to stripper dance in the "flirty fat burner" segment, I'll be skinny too! Won't my hubby be happy :) ha ha ha... if only I wasn't completely uncoordinated and stuffing my face with nachos!

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Shiloah Baker said...

I love doing the s- tease videos for a workout. Very effective with hubby too. *wink*