Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Month Blues

Ok, here's the rub. I was great for the first two weeks, but dang it I love food!! Anyhow I was so excited to be below 230, but sadly I am back to 232. Still that is six pounds lighter than I started, so I guess there is hope. In about a month it will be warm enough here to swim everyday again, and then look out blubber, you're gonna die!!!

I did swim laps the other days (if you count five as swimming laps), but the water was like forty degrees. My feet shivered the entire rest of the night!!

*updated* Ok, I am not so blue now, I put on a sweater today that I haven't fit into in months. It didn't feel like trying to cram a large pig into a small bag like I thought it would. YAY!!! To all my fellows 6 in 6ers. Remember the reasons we're doing this the next time you open the fridge, look in the pantry, or pass by restaurant row with all it's tantalizing smells!!


The American Homemaker said...


MaryB. said...

This is a tough struggle for anyone, but once you get your mind set to do it, it becomes second nature. My "light" went on a year ago, and it flickers now and then, but it's still on! Keep up the good work!
But I'm confused on your postings... On Jan 24, your stats said you were at 180, but here you say you're at 230. Am I reading this wrong?

The American Homemaker said...

These are Shaun's stats. We have about 20 people posting on this blog. The author is listed at the bottom of each posting.. Is that the confusion?

angie :)