Monday, January 24, 2011

Finally progress!

I got my nutrisystem food last week and since I started thursday, I have lost 3 lbs! That is a total of 5 lbs since I started! That is not a lot compared to my goal, but it is progress in the right direction. I really like nutrisystem. The only thing I don't like is that I have to add a whole lot of veggies, fruits, and proteins to my diet, even with all of the prepared meals! It gets very pricey and I could not have afforded it without help from my parents.

Today I bought a dance exercise dvd online, I can wait to get it! I also bought myself some good hand weights so that even when I am resting I can be doing something.
I am so excited for you all that are making progress, you are all my heroes and keep me motivated!



The American Homemaker said...

That's great your parents can help you out like that :)

Gracieanne1 said...

Good plan!
What's the name of the Dance Exercise D.V.D, I'd like to get one.