Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My fridge is always full... I shop every two weeks (pay day) and buy a lot of food. My kids take lunches to school every day, so I have to have food for all three meals. Pay day was last Thursday. My paycheck was a lot less than usual because of the time I took off at Christmas. I only worked 13 hrs the week of Christmas (I usually work 30). Besides having a small pay check, my kids are all doing the spring plays at school and I have to pay $150 today for them to join. So... there went the little bit of grocery money I would have had. We have a food storage and freezer food, but it's the fresh stuff that is gone. Mostly what's left are random little bits from Christmastime. No wonder I'm having a hard time eating healthy... LOL and no wonder why I've felt sluggish and tired for the last couple of weeks. We're all living off carbs and proteins. There are some carrots in there so I'm totally cooking them up today! My fridge is never empty, so I've never noticed how gross it is. Time to clean the fridge!!! Yuck!

I keep a list on my fridge for everyone to write the things we're out of. It cracked me up today when I saw snacks, lunch stuff and Food 4 Fridge! My kids are not loving the empty fridge either... LOL

So, this week I will bleach out my fridge and we'll all be counting down the days until next pay day :)


Jen said...

:( So so sad, I am right there with you on no $$ to buy grocerys. I was in the same boat without any money for produce & fresh stuff and ran across a Target gift card so I used it. Sad...I wanted to buy snow boots because I don't have any.

And what's even sadder is that the "cheap" food at the store is things that you mentioned CARBS. Which aren't bad when controlled but I am not about to sabatoge my diet because I can afford 13 boxes of mac N cheese vs. 5 banana's and a couple of oranges.

Oh well...we just gotta make it to next payday huh? Too bad that's already spent. wwwwaaaaahhhh!!!!!

Jen, a priorfatgirl

Jen said...

Ok, I just had to respond to say I have had the same thoughts like the one you just posted on my blog.

Guess we just got to make it through this slump, huh?

Jen, a priorfatgirl