Thursday, January 8, 2009

Guest Blogger: My Friend Karalee

My friend Karalee posted this on her blog and I thought it was so inspirational I had to share it with people that will understand. I didn't tell her I was posting before and after pics of her. Maybe she would've said no... better to ask forgiveness that permission, right? he he he But I had to show you what she meant when she said, "a little smaller". To me 117 lbs lost isn't a little smaller, it's an amazing accomplishment and I am so proud of her.

"The boys and I were at the Gateway on Saturday. I've only been there I left them at the Apple store and took Grace with me to browse the stores. We got to see the cool fountains set to music...she loved it.

ANYWAY. I saw this store. I've gotten catalogs from them for years and always looked longingly at the clothes. Clothes That Would Never Fit Me. I stood in front of the store. I seriously had a moment of being freaked out to even step foot in there. "They'll look at me, and immediately judge me...I have no business even thinking about trying to fit in those clothes..." It's amazing how many negative thoughts can whip through your brain in the space of a few seconds!

But I caught sight of myself in the door, and remembered that I'm a little smaller now. So I geared up and walked in. Right to the back where the clearance section was. I grabbed a few shirts, and even a pair of pants and took them and Grace and went into the torture chamber, I mean the dressing room, to try them on.

I ended up buying this shirt, for $4.99, in a size Large. Not even XL. The saleslady was so nice. She even wrapped it in tissue paper and put it in a fancy, tiny little bag. My poor boys. By time they found me, I was about to buy it, and when we left the store I couldn't even see where I was going for the tears in my eyes. It was a good moment.

And I need to remember it, and get back on track this week. Thanks for listening. Some of you will "get it" and some of you won't. Those of you who don't know what I'm talking about are very very lucky."

I love you Karalee!

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Preludeto40 said...

awesome. She looks beautiful!