Saturday, January 16, 2010


I actually had a Saturday off! Wow! I'm still doing good on my eating, but I haven't worked out again yet. The kids even BEGGED me to take them to the track and walk tonight, but I'm still really sore and I'm SO enjoying the day off from work, so I promised I'd take them on Monday.

Food/Water from yesterday:

8am: banana & 8 oz chocolate milk
11:30am: celery & fat free dip
3:00pm: salad w/baked breaded chk patty, corn, cheese, salsa & ff sour cream
7:30pm: salad w/boiled egg, ham, cheese, craisins & ff Catalina dressing
10pm: banana
I drank lots and lots of water again! I felt very yucky and water logged... I swear I need bread to soak up the water in my tummy LOL

Food/Water today:

11am: two scrambled eggs w/cheddar cheese
12:30pm: "cutie" orange & 8 oz chocolate milk
5:30pm: bbq grilled chicken salad from Applebees
7pm: 1 chocolate kiss
9pm: herbal tea w/2 tsp sugar & small amount skim milk
I didn't drink as much water today, but I still drank at least 8 cups. After the yucky watery feeling of yesterday I decided to lay off just a bit.

Hooray for day three of healthy eating!

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