Monday, January 26, 2009

New Week, New Start and A Couple of Bubbles Burst

Yesterdays food:
bowl of cheerios w/skim milk
big bowl of minestrone soup
2 slices french bread

Bubble #1- I was mentioning to my hubby that I did great all week, but blew it on the weekend. I was feeling pretty good about the week overall until my hubby said, "If you blow it on the weekend you ruin everything you did all week. You probably did more damage than if you just wouldn't have tried at all." *POP* So then I felt like crap. Thanks hubby :(

Bubble #2- So, my morning today has been insanely crazy. But a food highlight of it was when I got up to make french toast for my kids. They love french toast and I rarely make it. I used whole wheat bread of course, which isn't as good as white, but healthier. It's been months since I've made french toast so I thought they'd be all excited. My daughter walks in the kitchen, "Nikee (her dads' girlfriend) made french toast for dinner last night with french bread and homemade syrup that was the best I've ever had." *POP* Well... I pretty much wanted to throw my french toast out the window. So much for doing something nice for my kids. And Nikee probably used my recipe for the stupid homemade syrup because I know Matt has it in a cookbook I made.

Anyways.... This week I'm gonna try and do good all week, even on the weekend.


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Insert foot in mouth, huh? You know, by eating healthy all week, you have just done way way better then if you wouldn't have been watching what you eat. So who cares if you didn't do it 7 days a week. 5 is better then non right? Keep going, don't let anyone pop bubbles for you; I'm sure we each are quite capable of popping our own.

Heather said...

I actually disagree! while its not ideal to splurge on the weekends, I dont think it undoes any hard work you have accomplished throughout the week. part of succeeding is not just eating on track every single day. its about your exercise and other healthy decisions. dont feel like a failure just because you arent perfect all the time. no one is. part of succeeding is forgiving yourself and knowing that every little bit helps.

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Tell hubby to stuff it! LOL! Seriously, every day of making healthy choices counts, so don't let hubby's comment throw you off! You're doing great!

Eli's Lids said...

I'm just getting back on the healthy wagon! I'm starting a monthly toning segment on my blog the first week of Feb! I have been doing it all month and it is going great. I taught aerobics for 8 year at 24 hour fitness and since the birth of my second I have been slacking a lot!
Sorry about your bubble bursts... especially #2... LAME!!