Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 7 Weigh-In

This week I lost another pound. I had a bit of an off week and didn't really exercise much. Only once to be honest. But, at least I still lost a pound and didn't gain any weight! My total weight loss is now at 28 lbs! I started at 300 lbs and I'm now at 272 lbs. I thought I'd share some of my progress pictures with you all to see.

Here I am at 290 lbs. I never took pictures at 300 lbs, so this is my starting picture.

In this one, I'm 283 lbs and was feeling pretty small the day that I took this picture.

And this is my most recent picture at 276 lbs. I'll take another progress picture when I hit 265!

I've noticed the postings of most everyone has dwindled, I hope you all are still on board. I'd love to hear how you are doing!


Bella said...

You are doing so good. Congrats!!

I've noticed the dwindling posts. I've kept up the weight loss and got my walking back to almost normal but hadn't posted about it since I didn't know if anyone was even still reading here.

Kim said...

You should post! I try to check in on here at least once a week. I've been a bit busy with life, but I'm still going strong!

Arya said...

Mine have dwindled a bit but due to other reasons. I have gained a bit back and I am working on losing it. You are doing so great! Keep up the awesome work!!

I have been writing every friday on my own blog and right now I am just disappointed in my own weight loss as I have gained weight back....

Your looking great!! Can't wait to see your next picture!!

No Ordinary Me said...

Whoohoo. You can tell a difference.