Saturday, February 26, 2011

{P & I.B. have hit my home}

This whole month has been a huge bust! Not only have I gained weight and am heavier then my start weight at the beginning of the year but my boys brought home a nasty little bug from school that made it's way thru the whole family and come to find out my littlest one has Influenza B and they thought my oldest daughter had it but after a trip to the ER on Saturday (where they found that the baby had I.B. and figured my oldest daughter had the same thing - but never tested her) and after taking both girls to the Pediatrician where she couldn't find anything wrong and thought my oldest was on the mend because her fever seemed to have broken to rushing her to the ER later that night only to find out my oldest NEVER had I.B. (just baby) and had a "substantial" case of Pneumonia and was admitted to the hospital for 2 days.

Needless to say my "Love" month has totally sucked and my emotional eating has taken a toll for the worse and to top it off I finally had my "visit" from Auntie and she stayed for like a week and a half and I was miserable from horrid cramps and made others miserable from my horrific mood swings...

Hoping that in March I can get back into the swing of things and start getting back to my workout routine at the gym.

"Sorry about the complete post whining about how I am a huge failure this month but figured I hadn't posted much and should probably explain why" (she says as her head hangs low as she walks away to go grab a corndog...)

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