Wednesday, April 22, 2009

9 Days!!!!!!!


I have been missing in action (literally) for a while now. When Angie first asked me to contribute to her blog I thought it would be a great idea. I figured it might help me stay accountable and such. Instead I fell of the Band Wagon!!! But as of 9 days I have excersied 45 minutes daily at the gym. I have watched a little of what I have been eating, and added water to my day.

I really love working out. I always have. I never understand why I don't do it when I start back. I really do feel better mentally if anything when I workout. It is really overcoming your flesh.

Here are some things that have helped me get back to working out.......

1. I found a time and made it an appointment. I just looked at my days of the week and I chose the best time for me and my family. Not what others do, but for my schedule.

~This has really helped me stick with it. It is just apart of the day now. I know it has been only 9 days but I really feel the kids getting into the routine a little.

We head to the gym at 8:40. I get there and the kids to childcare and start at 9:00 am. I am usually finished around 10:10. We head home and do our morning snack and get into the day. This works for me on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

On Tuesday and Thursday I drop Hannah off at Pre-K and then Kyle and I head there it is about 9:15.

But Saturday and Sunday my husband agreed to let me go walk in the morning by myself on our road.

Lay your clothes out in the evening. I put mine on as soon as I get up. But if you work you have two options. Walk on your lunch hour. Or workout after work. So, you could put your walking shoes on ASAP on your break and head out walking. You could change into workout clothes before you leave even if you are doing a video at home this will make you have a little more drive.

One other thing is MUSIC! For you that walk, jog, run, or just whatever, you need some tunes. Get you some that get you going. You know those great 80's or Sweet Home Alabama. LOL! Great praise music. What ever your fancy.

These are just some things that have helped me out.

How do you stay dedicated to exercise? Share your tips.



K. said...

That is AWESOME! You should be proud of's HARD finding time, it truly is. Us Moms always have 10 million and 1 things to do...

The American Homemaker said...

My problem is I don't get a lunch hour and I work several days & evenings a week. If I don't work in the evening I feel like I need to get caught up on things around the house.

My night-time work schedule changes weekly so I never feel like I can get into a routine and I work Saturdays too (usually day and night).

Sunday is my only day off and I try not to exercise on Sunday. I really struggle to find a time when I can get into any sort of exercise routine :(

I'm proud of you Chrissy for doing so well for over a week now!!!