Thursday, January 12, 2012


Yesterday my thighs were super sore so I didn't work out.  Today I did level 1 of the Shred.  Level 1 makes my abs sore and the other levels make my thighs sore.  My eating hasn't been amazing today.  I had Lucky Charms for breakfast and then I went out to lunch and had a big ol' crepe with turkey, havarti cheese and cranberry spread and a butternut squash soup plus an Italian cream soda... That's a lot of calories.  Dinner was ok calorie-wise.  I had pasta with boneless skinless chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms and fresh mozzarella cheese. 

I am having the worst week ever.  I would love to eat junk and drown my sorrows in Dr. Pepper and Cherry Coke, but I've been good.  I didn't even have a fresh chocolate chip cookie at Enrichment Night last night.  I'm proud of myself. 

Tomorrow is measurement and weight day.  We'll see how it goes.  *sigh*

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