Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday :)

I had someone ask me what Pero is so I thought I'd share. I really enjoy it. I put a bit of sugar and some skim milk in mine. Mmmm

You can see by the nutritional facts it's a pretty good drink. I like to drink herbal tea or Pero at night when I'm really craving goodies.

I thought I'd also show what I made for dinner tonight. The kids hated it. Caleb even spit out the one bite he took into the garbage. So... it was pb&j for them (with no bed-time snacks) and I ate up my spinach bake like a good girl :)

I've been doing ok on my food. I need to get into the exercise habit, but after last time when I hurt myself I haven't wanted to risk it. My goal last week was to squeeze 90 minutes of exercise into my busy schedule and I only got 30 minutes... at least it's better than the week before, which was 0. This week I'm gonna try and improve.


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Aren't kids greaaaaat?! haha! I LOVE your spinach bake and I would have eaten it all up :)

moonduster said...

Your spinach bake looks yummy! :)

BlueCastle said...

Oh that looks good! I would've eaten your kids' share. :) And Pero - that's interesting. I wonder if they have that here. I can't have coffee unless it's decaf and I've been trying to switch over to herbal tea, but it's slow going.