Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday's Measurements

I'm really slacking. It's one thing after another that keeps me from eating right and exercising and what it comes down to is I'm just not motivated. I have no healthy foods in my house that are easy to fix. I'm tired and worn out and now sore so I don't want to work out. I feel like a big loser with this blog and not the good kind of loser... lol. I basically just post my failings every day. Pay day is Thursday (hip-hip-hooray!) and I'll be going grocery shopping for the first time in four weeks. I'm planning on big-time buying fruits and veggies. But I know my hubby and I will be going out to dinner on Saturday night, so once again, one more thing to throw me off :(

Here are todays stats:

weight: 168
waist: 35 1/2
hips: 43 1/2
r thigh: 25
l thigh: 24 1/2
r arm: 14
l arm: 14 1/2

Here are my stats two weeks ago:

weight: 166
waist: 36
hips: 43
r thigh: 25
l thigh: 24 1/2
r arm: 14
l arm: 14 1/2

By looking at my food, you can see I don't eat a large amount of food, it's just the wrong kind of food. Once I can go buy fruits and veggies again that will change. I'll be able to eat more and take in less calories.

So far today (it's about 12:30) all I've eaten:

two granola bars
two string cheese
reduced fat wheat thins
already eaten 656 calories and I'm hungry!!!
I've really, really, really need to buy some good food!

Yesterdays food:
2 eggs
3 pieces bacon
5 muffins
chili made with steak
bread bowl
orange juice
about 2300 calories

Saturdays food:
reduced fat cream cheese
root beer float
hawaiian pizza
orange juice
two small pasteries
about 2500 calories

To eat less than 1700 calories I really need to cool it. One problem I'm running into is when I'm at work I'm really hungry. Then someone offers me whatever junk at the moment and I take it. In my upcoming grocery shopping I'm going to plan in food to take to work. This year has not gotten off to a very healthy start :(

I am doing ok on my sleep goal... LOL But it's just because I'm on muscle relaxers. I'm not going to take any more of them, so I need to focus on getting to bed on time. I think I'm going to plan out a breakfast and lunch menu for myself also to get me back on track!


moonduster said...

Don't look at your evening out with your husband as an obstacle. It's just one meal!

Hubby and I went out for our anniversary this past week. We went out to Chinese and I had a really high-fat, unhealthy dish. But I continued eating well and within my calories for the rest of the week. I got my exercise done each day, and I lost two pounds this week.

So one bad meal will not make you fail this week. You can do it!

Marisa said...

Don't stress, Angie! You're doing great! Look at the good things you are doing: keeping track of what you're eating (good or bad), setting some goals and planning your grocery shopping. See? You are on your way to getting back on track! Just take one day at a time or even just one meal at a time. It will all come together for you :)